Monday, January 25, 2016


This week has been the best week ever! So far. Holy moly. Miracles. miracles. miracles. Prayer and fasting works so many miracles, I'll just give you a day by day run down.

Monday- we met with a lady that referred herself, Alicia, and it was awesome! She already knew like everything we were teaching her because I guess she has read like 15 books about the LDS church already! The only one she hasn't read is the Book of Mormon haha we gave her one. She did have a bit of a concern with Joseph Smith, but I know as she reads the Book of Mormon and gains a testimony of it, all of those concerns and questions will be answered.

Tuesday- the best day ever, so far. Started off with us calling the wrong number and we got talking with that person and we are going to meet up with them soon! Then we went to this smoke hut thing outside of a senior center and there are the coolest people there! One of them wants to start coming to church! Then we met with this cutest old guy, Clyde. and he wants to be baptized! He's actually not in our area… so we had to give him to the elders, but awe we are so excited for him! Then we got a referral from a less active to go see her daughter Ruby and had an awesome lesson with her and she wants to be baptized too!

Wednesday- we had a World Wide Broadcast! It was for all of the missionaries all around the world! Elder Andersen, Elder Bednar, and Elder Oaks? I believe talked with us! (I don't have my notes and that seems like it was forever ago) and there was three other apostles and the young women's general president. The theme of it was Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. Aw it was so good. We had dinner with a part member family and the dad is slowly warming up to us, so that is also a miracle!

Thursday- exchanges in Cody! I came back to Sheridan with Sister Jenkins :) she is awesome. We came out at the same time. Good day.

Friday- we met with a girl that Sister Peterson and I tracted into forever ago, Sierra. She kind of disappeared, but we found her last week and were able to share the message of the restoration with her on Friday and she too wants to be baptized! We also met with a ton of people and had some cool lessons that I wish I had more time to
tell you about.

Saturday- we switched back from Cody exchanges. There is a guy that was on date when we first got here named Ryan and he was just not progressing, so we dropped him.  But we went back a couple days ago and he wanted to meet with us again, so we met with him Saturday and he is super ready now! He's on date to be baptized next month too!

Sunday- Ryan, Sierra, and Kenny all came to church! Aw it was the best. And all 3 of them knew someone at church! It was the best. We also had one of the best lessons ever with a guy that hasn't been to church in forever, and he wants to start coming back to church! In that lesson I could feel the spirit testifying of the things that I was saying so strongly as we shared the message of the restoration. I gain a stronger testimony of it everyday. It is so true!

I love this gospel and I love being a missionary! I love you all! Have the best week ever!
Sister Anderson
Recent heat wave into the 30's =)
Exchanges with Sister Jenkins
Cody Wyoming exchanges, Sisters Thacker & Jenkins
Wyoming wildlife
The drive to Cody Wyoming
An airplane on a train - something you don't see everyday
Not sure whats going on, yet looked intense

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