Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi Friends and Family! :)

Good week good week!                                      
So first of all! Transfer news!  Sister Moyer is leaving me...... She is going to a town in the middle
of the woods in Mizulla. I am staying in Great Falls and I'm going to be training another new missionary!! Haha I'm so excited! I'm going to miss sister Moyer so much though! But that's exciting. Second off I found out that sisters in this mission gain 40 pounds on average. So that's cool. I've already gained at least 5 pounds. Also people say that Great Falls is where you gain all the weight. So all odds are against me. It's fine. Third off there is an overload of zucchinis here! It's in literally everything. We've had zucchini bread, zucchini cake, zucchini and gray rice stuff, straight up zucchini.  Even the chocolate cake at the ward pot luck had zucchini in it! People say "make sure you lock your car or else you'll come back to your car and there will be 5 bags of zucchini in it!" Hahaha Fourth of all we locked our keys in the house again. We really need to make a spare. Fifth of all I sleep talk all night long and sleep walk? Sister Moyer said I went out side the other night... And she didn't come after me! Sixth of all last night we got so scared for like two minutes! Haha it was like 10:15 at night and all of the sudden our doorbell rang?..... I thought it was gonna be some creepy person because people have talked about druggies going to people's houses at night… (don't worry that would never happen to missionaries ;)) So Sister Moyer and I were just looking at each other not knowing what to do. haha So we just slowly crept up to the door and I looked out the window and it was just our neighbor bringing us some brownies! Hahaha she's so nice! Seventh of all everyone says words funny here. Like instead of saying bag they say baig or instead of flag they say flaig haha

Eighth of all W is doing SO good!! Just a month ago he had no belief in God and was never going to pray or read the scriptures or ever come to church and now he is doing all of it! The other day he was having a bad day, and guess what he did....HE READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!! And we saw him out walking one day and he said hi to us and he is just so happy now! :) Man the church is so true people! Also the P family is.....I don't know.... Two of the daughters are pretty solid. Keep them in your prayers! :)

Welp being a missionary is seriously the best EVER! I don't think 18 months is enough time. I love this gospel and the more I preach it the more I know it is true. CPR ( that's all you need!
I love you all!  Love, Sister Anderson
The choir that sang for Elder Martino of the 70
Her district
Country roads
working at the star wars car wash =)
Night seflie

Monday, August 24, 2015

It's Been a Goood Week!

Hello hello                                                                                             
A lot of random things happened this week. I saw a drunk person for the first time! Haha He was trying to walk his dog and he kept falling over... Sister Moyer and I couldn't help but to laugh hahaha I think they caught the mountain lion because nobody has told us about it for a while. We hear that there are 101 fires in Montana right now! That's a lot of fires. So there is ton of smoke in the air and it smells smokey too! I feel like I'm in a war movie. You know how in war movies there is a bunch of smoke in the air and the whole sky is just a gross color and.. I don't know it's just smokey! It looks like a bunch of bombs have been going off haha But it rained yesterday so it's a bit better.

We went in exchanges Thursday, so sister Moyer went to Helena and I stayed in Great Falls with Sister Rasmusson. It was a good time! We put a girl on date! I don't know if I've already talked about H, but she is awesome! Oh and R… we had to drop her because her aunt won't let her meet with us anymore, she is so ready! And wants it so bad! But who knows, maybe once she is 18 she will find the church again :) The next day we woke up at 5 and we went to Helena and met with Elder Martino from the seventy! Uh! He was amazing. He talked a lot about how important members are to missionary work. And man you guys are important! He also spent a lot of time just answering any questions that anyone had. It was so good! And the spirit was so strong there. Yesterday Sister Moyer and I got asked to speak in primary, so that was fun! We just stayed in there for the whole hour and I loved it! I just love the little kids! Their testimonies are already so strong it's amazing! They were learning the Armies of Helaman song so they sang the second verse over and over and over and I felt the spirit so much in there! It was like I had nothing to worry about, like I was a kid again or something! So fun!

Transfer calls are this Sunday… hopefully Sister Moyer and I both stay here! I think we will, but ya never know! Haha Thank you for all of your prayers! I can for sure notice them
throughout my day. :) I love you all!
Sister Anderson

Sister Anderson
Funny Montana =)
Funny Sisters

Monday, August 17, 2015

This Week Flew By!

It's been a pretty good week.
So first on Monday last week we went to Ryan's dam and I think I sent all of those pictures last week, but it was so fun! A member set it all up and he use to be a cop for Woodland Hills and Salem! Small world! We heard about the mudslide there. That's crazy! Guess what?! The other day while we were tracting we were talking to these ladies and they were like "watch out for the mountain lion!" I was just thinking they were joking and we kinda laughed and were like "okay!" But then she's said "no I'm serious! There is a mountain in town! My son saw it down the street and the cops having been looking for it all day!" Haha what?! We never actually saw it, but other people told us about it too! We were pretty cautious for the rest of the day. Oh I got my first door slammed in my face! It was a young teenager, I was in the middle of a sentence and he just slowly closed the door.  Haha  This week we met with a girl that we’ll call  “S” and she is so great. This was our first lesson with her and it was just a total DISASTER. We were just like vomiting all of this information on her, I don't even know why it was going so strangely. But it was the first lesson, so ya know, we needed to invite her to be baptized.  So we did and she said yes? We were so surprised! Haha it's a really good thing the spirit is the teacher. Looking back at it she was understanding everything we were talking about and the spirit was there.  It just was not a normal first lesson that's for sure!

We also put this sweetest young girl on date this week :) She is so excited and prepared for the gospel in her life! We also met with W again yesterday! I just love going to meet with him! I don't know why because I am always a bit nervous before we go, we never know how or where the lesson is going to go with him.  But the spirit totally guided the whole lesson with him. He really gets a lot out of videos and we felt like we should show him the patterns of light videos which are three videos that Elder Bednar did. They are super good and just what he needed. It was a little weird to be using so much video in our lessons, but we felt like we should, so we did and it went perfect! He went to church again this week and is still praying! Also he opened up more and told us about sometimes when he has felt the Holy Ghost prompt him to do something. He has come SO far in the last 3 weeks and he doesn't even see it! I'm so excited for him. :)

This next week we are going to Helena again to meet Elder Martino from the 70! So that'll be cool! I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but we get free Dairy Queen once a week because a member owns it! Just thought I'd throw that in there.  Also we ate frog legs for dinner last night! I have picture proof. Haha They taste like chicken!
Well I love you all!
Sister Anderson
mmmm frog legs!
Free DQ Mom!!  =)
Ran into some cool people out tracting
Twinners!  =)

The apartment mascot
Out tracting

Monday, August 10, 2015

Montana Life

Hello everybody!
Life is still awesome as a missionary here!  The only downside of this week was that we had to take 3 people off date because two of them are young and their parents said they couldn't and the other one is 22 but he respects his mom a lot and she wants him to stay catholic. But some big seeds were planted! :) However, we did put a new person on date so that's exciting!  OH! And guess what! So you remember W? Well we met with him yesterday and we brought two brethren from our Ward with us because W is single and stuff but we usually just bring one sister with us. Well anyways at first he felt like we were kinda attacking him cause we brought these two big men with us, he asked, "did you bring these two for backup?" Ha. But he loosened up after a while and the lesson was interesting but good! Then at the end he goes, "what if I told you guys I was at church today?" And we were like.. Ah what?! He just came and sat in the hall and left early so that no one saw him haha but he came!! And then guess what... He said he has been praying!! He says it is a simple prayer and he still won't pray with us, but hey! A prayer is a prayer and God just wants to hear from us! It's so exciting! I just wanted to do a couple backflips after that lesson.  But I can't.

C also came to church yesterday! Awe man C is so awesome. He has been in and out of prison for the last 10 years and has got some sad stuff going on in his life right now, but he is just filling his life with the gospel and everything he can now and you honestly would never know that he has had such a past. Every time we talk with him you can just see a change in him! When we first knocked on his door he was smiley and stuff but now he looks happy! I love seeing that change :)
The gospel can do some pretty amazing things if we let it. On another note...our apartment...the smell is getting worse. Everyday I think it changes because there is no getting use to this smell!
We're thinking it's like mold or something growing in the vents. We are going to try and see what we can do about that haha We have been going to the far end of our area lately which is out in the country life and everyone out there has at least 5 dogs! They are all behind fences which is good, but everyone knows when we are coming down the street because all of the billions of dogs start barking at us! And this one time one of the dogs started climbing the fence! Sister Moyer and I almost had 5 heart attacks because he was not a happy dog and he almost climbed all the way over!! Ah.

The sunsets here get prettier and prettier! I'll send a picture or two. And I realized that I haven't seen night time in two months! Cause it doesn't get dark here until after we go to sleep, so that's kinda weird. Oh! So we have this recent convert she's like 16ish and lives at a group home. So to meet up with her we call them and have them drop her off at the church and we just meet with her there. So that's what we did but they dropped her off before we got there so once we got there
we were looking around and went through every room in the building and couldn't find her. So we called the group home and the lady got all stressed said she was on her way to come and look for her with us. We got all stressed! Then when she got there we looked through the whole church again. If we couldn't find her within 30 minutes then she was considered a "runaway" and she would have to call the cops! So she sent us to go look at Wendy's and McDonald's and all of these
places, so we did! And then right when she was about to call the cops Mariah and all of these people came out of the high council room. She went into the addiction recovery class! The only room we didn't think to look in was the high council room.. Ha. But that's an awesome class
from what I hear, so hey I'm sure she learned something she was suppose to! Haha

Also yesterday we went to help out the mission prep class for a bit and they talked about the covenants and how we need to always be keeping our covenants. We talked about how God needs covenant keepers not covenant makers. And that really stood out to me! When we make
covenants with God that is just the beginning, we need to keep those covenants! And as we do we will be SO blessed! And who doesn't want that?! ;)
I love you all!

Love, sister Anderson
Jessica just loves spiders =) The spider is just below the left corner of the door on the white trim
One of the "Great" Falls of Great Falls Montana (Ryans dam)
With Sister Moyer & the other Sisters in her district
Panorama of the "smelly" pink palace
Cats cats cats!  

Monday, August 3, 2015

Great Falls!

This week has just been all over the place, but in a good way!  First off...We put 4 people on baptism date this week, 3 of them in one day! Now we have 7 people on date! We would have 8 but we had to take one off because she went to jail and she is back home now but she won't let us come and see her, so that's a struggle. But all 7 of them have A LOT of things that they need to overcome before they can be baptized, so keep them in your prayers! :)  We went and ate at Stacey's house on Wednesday! That was fun! We were like 30 or more minutes late, because we locked our car and house keys inside the house! Haha Luckily we have nice neighbors and they pried open our window and the little neighbor boy climbed in and opened up the house for us! :) Then, Stacey lives on the other side of the river, so we drove over there. The other side of the river is really nice from what I've seen! Our area is a bit sketchier. Haha yes mom, I've considered buying some pepper spray. I heard that it gets dark here at like 4:30 in the winter! So far no one has talked positively about the winters here, haha so I'm in for a treat! ;) I’m actually really excited for the winter! haha

So the other day we met with this older lady, she's really spiritual and pretty interesting haha But the first time I met her was the very first day that I got here in great falls so like a month and a half ago and she gave us a half of a block of some interesting cheese and a frozen box of milk and some Cereal. haha This time she told us that she had met some elders at the bus stop, which turned out to be our district leader and his companion and she said that she had some cheese that she wanted to give them because they looked so skinny. hahaha It was the other half of the same block of cheese that she gave to us forever ago! And it wasn't in the fridge either, so I don't know how it isn't moldy. Hahaha gross, but we are going to give it to them! There is also this lady we see all of time.  She isn't interested, but she always finds us and says hi and that we look nice and then she usually tells us about a holy blessing that she received.  The other day she told us about 7 huge raccoons that are in town and that we need to watch out for them! haha She's a nice lady. 

Yesterday we taught a guy 'W' I don't know if I have already talked about him, but he grew up LDS and has gone through some rough times and basically now doesn't believe in God or anything.  I really like meeting with him! But man sometimes he is just so stubborn! He WILL NOT pray.... Which is obviously a problem.  But he is getting somewhere! He has a "hope" is what he says. Basically the whole time that we are there all we are doing is asking him questions and it is super effective! We also showed him The Hope of God’s Light video (if you haven't seen that you should).  He really liked it and said how it was really similar to him. He also mentioned that a good old friend of his who he hadn't talked to in years called him up the other day after we met with him. God is totally reaching out for W in so many ways and HE KNOWS IT! Ugh! We were just straight up and bold with him throughout the whole time that we were there and the spirit was so strong and I know he felt it! We told him if that if he doesn't pray then he will never receive an answer and he understands that.  He says that he just can't yet and that he needs to do a bunch of service to get outside of himself first. Which is good too, so we have a bunch of people moving in and out of our Ward so it will be good to get him to those, but ugh! He will come around. :) 

The other day we were going around to some less actives houses and we went to one house looking for a woman and her brother ended up answering the door. He was the only one home and he just started talking about his life and how he's been having a pretty rough time. Then he stopped talking for a bit and he said "ya know, I don't think it's a coincidence you guys came here today." And the spirit just came so strong and we obviously agreed with him. NOTHING'S A COINCIDENCE! He went on talking about a quote that his friend told him a while ago about how God is always there and He wants to help us and that it is about time that he let Him. Then the spirit came even stronger! :)

I love love love being a missionary. I know this is where I am suppose to be and I wouldn't have it any other way :) Thank you for your prayers.  I love and pray for you all!
Love, Sister Anderson
With her mothers childhood friend Stacey
With Sister Moyer and Stacey's daughter Dakota
A fishing lure in Sister Moyer's Shoe =)
Looks like they're gaining weight!  =)