Monday, September 26, 2016

It's Like the Super Bowl!

This week is going to be crazy good!  Sorry this is going to be about the shortest email ever....
Things are still going great in Helena!  Remember that guy that was like, "hey sisters!" Well we've been working with his daughter and she wants to be baptized! She's 11 and I think I mentioned before that she is hilarious. This week we were talking about getting the gospel library app when she says, "I don't know if my iPhone gets the apps of Jesus" hahaha we love her.

We were also led to find another less active / part member family!  We also met with the Austin’s and we explained General conference, then Sam says, "oh fun! It's like the super bowl!" Haha

We are SO EXCITED for the super bowl!!!! Aka GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! Sister Linney and I are hoping they announce that Sister missionaries can stay out for two years! ;)  Also the women's conference was AMAZING. Those who didn't watch it should.

Well I love you all to the moon and back!  Have the best week ever and don't forget to come prepared for CONFERENCE with questions and listening with the spirit. :)
Sister Anderson
Brandy had her baby! Only a week old and look at all that hair!
Its Fall time!  Leaves a falling
Sister Linney getting eaten by dogs at the Wrights home =)
Annabelle is the funniest dog ever!
Sam the bearded dragon and I

Monday, September 19, 2016

If you want to make Heavenly Father laugh, tell Him about your plans

SO many great things happened this week! Especially on Saturday! Oh my goodness best day EVER.
But first, we got transfer news!! You know how I was so sure I was leaving? Well I don't know what's going on, but God has better plans! I love it! We're both staying!!!!! Wahoo! I LOVE HELENA!!!! I'm never leaving.

Saturday!! Aw it was just all so good! So we actually went to two baptisms on Saturday. One was for one of the girls that I taught when I was in 5th ward, Taylor! she is the daughter of a recent convert. Her mom gave the talk on baptism and did so good! You would never know she was baptized 3 months ago. There was also two other people getting baptized with her, a mom and her son! The spirit was incredibly strong the entire time. Especially when the mom was baptized. You could tell she was SO ready. Her spirit had been waiting for that day!

Then that evening was Victoria's baptism!! Aw she's amazing. We were texting her throughout the week and things and she is so funny! She was super nervous about a lot of things and thought for sure the elder baptizing her was going to drop her haha but she makes little jokes out of everything to "lighten up the mood" and it's so funny. Love her. Everything went great! There was a great turn out from the ward. She's so excited to be a part of the ward family.  Her sister from the U.K. And her boyfriend were there too and it was SO cool to see how they are being prepared as well! The elders got talking with the boyfriend and turns out he had met missionaries a lot when he lived in Italy! He asked, "so how can you know if it's true?" Ha great question right?! So they set him up with the gospel library app and stuff in Italian. Technology is great. I know they had to have felt the spirit that night.

Also yesterday another miracle happened! Remember Kim? Maybe? She was a random referral we got a while back and she was solid, but lately we've not been able to set up a good time to meet and different things have kept coming up, but yesterday! She texted us asking, "how do you get baptized into the church?" Ha another great question!! After we replied and different things we asked her why and this was her reply, "because I have been reading through the Book of Mormon and I really wanted to become Mormon, so I wanted to know how. I was told you get baptized" hahaha yes!! And she has 5 kids as well! We are so excited. This transfer is going to be another one for the books!!

Right now we're watching 17 miracles! Such a good movie.  I hope you all know that I know God lives and He will never leave us alone. He knows us so perfectly and His love is always there.  I was reading in Alma 27 today! There are a few questions asked by Ammon that I love to ask myself. One of them is in verse 7 "I will go and inquire of the Lord, and if he say unto us, go down unto our brethren, will ye go?"
If the lord asks you to do something hard, or something your not very comfortable with, will you do it? Also going with having real intent. When you're praying and asking God about something, are you willing to accept and act on the answer? I've thought about this, and especially with watching 17 miracles, I've seen so many examples in my life of people that have chosen "the harder right, rather than the easier wrong". I know God is in control and He does know what is best for us. When we trust Him, He will guide, help, and protect us as we do what He asks. I love this true gospel :)

I love you all!  Have the best week yet!
Sister Anderson

Taylor's baptism
Victoria! =)
Kim's text messages
Love it!
Annabelle is a missionary!
Cool door we came across tracting
Me trying to do a cool jumping picture =)
My new favorite quote!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Onoodor Said Odor Bailaa!

Victoria is so solid!! Keep her in her prayers. :) We are so excited for her baptism on Saturday!
Transfer news is coming up on Sunday... I hope I stay. But I'm pretty positive I won't. So we'll see! We also have interviews with President on Wednesday! I'm hoping he'll tell me transfer news then. I just want to know!! There's snow in the mountains and also there is a bear wandering around where we live, so that's exciting!

I went on an exchange this week with a Sister from Mongolia! Onoodor said odor bailaa means it's been a good day. She's super cute. Everywhere we went if there was a bush or tree with anything edible on it she would eat it. haha I tried a couple of the random berry looking things and they were alright. Really chalky.

One of the miracles from this week! So "Hey Sisters" has easily become one of my favorite things to hear because that usually means they know quite a bit about the church or it's a member that is happy to see you. The other day we were walking down the street and a guy came walking out of his house and he said, "hey Sisters!"  We didn't know of any members around the area, so RED FLAG! He practically asked for us to come over and talk with him. Turns out he's a less active member and has 3 daughters that are most likely not baptized! We are meeting with him in a couple days!

Welp I still love being a missionary. There is never a dull moment in missionary work. Sister Linney and I are laughing like all of the time. I wish I could remember any of the things that we laugh about, but I can't. Oh well. Life is good. This gospel is true!

I love you all! Have the best week yet!

Sister Anderson
Sister Sanjaa from Mongolia
Exchanges with Sisters Adamson & Bons
Someones yard
Taking pictures of the local deer
Our bedroom
I went to Great Falls this week!
Pictures in the woods
iPad fun
Beautiful Montana sunset

Monday, September 5, 2016

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

This week has been amazing! Nick’s baptism was great! Nick was just so ready. You could easily see
it in his face. So many people came to support him! The relief society room was packed so full we almost moved it into the chapel. Everyone there really had a love for Nick and was so excited to see him take this next step :) I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to be the chorister for this baptism and guess what song he chose to sing… Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!! (Yes, he's almost 18 and going to college, but it's their FHE song they've sang every week since forever. it was a great song choice!) as I was walking up to the front of the room his mom got my attention and said, "you're going to do the actions right?" Hahaha well sure! I told everyone to join in and oh my goodness it was the best opening song EVER. Everyone got into the actions and sang so loud, with big smiles on their faces!! It was amazing as the spirit filled the room with such happiness and joy. :) You couldn't be in that room and not be happy! We're so excited for him and we will definitely be back in a year to be at his farewell talk!

So much happened this week, but it's all a blurrrr.....We of course did some more exchanges. I got to go to this small town called Shelby. It's up by the border of Canada. I was with Sister Thomas :) we met some pretty awesome people!  Lots of people are being prepared there, and everywhere, to accept the fullness of the gospel. Also Sister Smith came to Helena for a day with me! I've gotten to be her sister training leader her whole mission so far and it's been such a blessing to watch her grow and become such a great missionary. I can't believe she's been out for 10 months...This time thing as a missionary is so weird.

Victoria is also doing great!!  She also has the cutest little baby ever! Her name is Bentley and everyone says she's my child because she has red hair haha Victoria's hair is black so she doesn't look too much like her. Anyways, she's set for baptism on the 17th!

Another random thing that was a first for me this week was contacting a less active through her doorbell! There is this one neighborhood that Vivint has been all over, so everyone has these doorbells that call their phone when they aren't home and then they just talk to us through their doorbell like we are on the phone..? It's the strangest thing, but it's great!! This way people can never miss us when we come by! Haha "The Lord is inspiring the minds of great people to create inventions that further the work of the Lord in ways this world has never known” (Russell M. Nelson)

Another funny/strange moment. We were knocking on a door when this 13ish year old kid came up to us
from around the side of the house and said, "who runs this motel?...the Adams family." ...we were obviously pretty confused and weren't sure how to respond, so we said "...what?" Then he responds again with, "who runs this motel?...the Adams family." Hahaha We still were so lost and just kind of nodded our heads, smiled, and tried to change the subject. Oh I love being a missionary :)

I love you all to pieces! Doubt not, but be believing!
Sister Anderson

Mormon 9:27
...despise not, and wonder not, but hearken unto the words of the Lord, and ask the Father in the name of Jesus for what things soever ye shall stand in need. Doubt not, but be believing, and begin as in times of old, and come unto the Lord with all your heart, and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling before him.

Nick's Baptism
Sister Thomas and I
Shelby Sisters!
Pretty Montana Sky. Pictures don't do it justice
These black birds are taking over Helena!
Its been smokey, wet, and cold here!
A zone service project helping someone move