Monday, February 1, 2016

I Love Sheridan!

I don't even know what's going on. People are just progressing so much and wanting to be baptized. It's crazy! This week has been SO GOOD.

On Tuesday we went up to Billings and had a meeting with the other sister training leaders. We also did exchanges with the sisters in Lovell this week and it was great!

One of the miracles from this week :)
A few months ago Sister Peterson and I went tracting and met a guy and there wasn't a ton of potential there, but the other day Sister Bell and I received a referral for that same house (speaking of referrals we've received more than 30 just this week! It's crazy! I don't even know what is going on, but I love it!) so we went to it and we met the mom this time and she let us right in! We saw on their wall that it said "families are forever". They just moved in not too long ago and the people that lived there before had put that on the wall and they liked it so they left it! We set up a time and came back a couple days later and taught the restoration and I have never felt the spirit so strong in a lesson. Especially as we said the first vision. The mom was in tears and said the way she felt was just crazy, and it was such a deep feeling in her heart. We put their family on date to be baptized at the end of February and when they came to church on Sunday all of the talks related to comments or questions they'd had during our lesson. The mom asked, "did you know they were going to be talking about those things?" They have been so prepared. After sacrament the 8 year old boy said, "I like it here. I wanna come back forever!" With the biggest smile on his face :) We are SO excited for their family! Keep them in your prayers!

Also Ryan sent us a text this week. I'll send a picture of it. haha he's so awesome! He asked for a triple combination and he found the other pamphlets in the gospel library that we haven't taught him yet and he is just going through them by himself!

The Lord is preparing people everywhere. I love being a part of this work! :) I love you all!
Love, Sister Anderson
Exchanges with Sisters Ranger & Clegg (from Spanish Fork) in Lovell Wyoming
All the Sister Training Leaders outside Mission offices in Billings
Downtown Sheridan
Funny sign Scierra's left on her door =)
They were given these scarfs
Car wash selfie!
more selfie fun
Sheridan sunset

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