Monday, April 25, 2016

Fasting & Mighty Prayer....It Works!!

Such a good week!! We've been moving all day. We aren't in the cabin anymore. Now we are in a different house up on the other side of the mountain! Just for a week and then we will move again haha it's fun! It was a great birthday! Thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes!! We had some yummy cake and ice cream with some awesome members and a member also look us to lunch at this cool tube sandwich place! (It's hard to explain, but it's really good!)

Random moment of this past week.... We have this crazy bird that lives by the cabin! We don't know if it is the same bird or not, but the other day as I was getting ready and I kept hearing something hitting the window. At first I thought it might be Sister Pearson just trying to freak me out, but it wasn't. So I went over to the window and lifted up the curtain thing and right when I did there was bird flying right towards my face!! I jumped and screamed haha it scared me so bad! The bird comes back every morning and runs into the window at least 30 times. I don't know how it's still alive.

So we just had stake conference yesterday and guess what? We are getting another ward!! So exciting! Now there will be 6 wards here in Helena! This also means a switch up for most of the missionaries here too! We use to be sharing the 1&3 wards with the zone leaders. Now we are going to be covering 1&5 wards and the elders won't be covering any of it anymore, so it's going to be crazy, but we're excited!

We had a couple more exchanges this week! Always fun. Always miracles. Also going back to stake conference! It was such an amazing meeting! For stake conference there was a stake wide fast for missionary work! And holy moly there has already been so many miracles because of it!

Miracle #1 - Katie! We just finished stake conference. The prayer just ended and we got like 3 texts all about a non-member that was at the church! So we found her and introduced ourselves! Aw she is so awesome! She has a bunch of family that are members.  I asked her why she decided to come to church and she said that she was just thinking the same thing the night before and said, "well tomorrow's Sunday. People usually go to church on Sunday! So she came to church!" Haha she has the cutest little one year old and wants to raise him in the church :) We found out she's not in our area...but that's okay! We'll keep in touch.

Miracle #2 - Carrit Smith! We got a referral from church headquarters. It said her name was Carrit Smith and that she wanted a Bible, Book of Mormon, and a finding faith in Christ dvd. So we went by her house and it was an apartment building. There was a lady outside with red/orange hair and jokingly we were thinking that would be Carrit because she had red hair! Haha then we went and started talking with her and it was actually her! We also found out the the name Carrit was a typo haha her name is actually Carrie! And she is so awesome and ready to learn. She was so happy to receive everything.

Miracle #3 - after church, just before dinner we were tracting around in a neighborhood and a we saw a car stop on the side of the road and it was one of our members! She told us that she had a friend of hers from work that wanted to be taught by the missionaries! Lots of other miracles, but not a lot of time to write.

"Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that they should gather themselves together oft, and join in fasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God." (Alma 6:6)

I still love being a missionary! I can't believe how fast this past 11 months have gone by. I never want it to end! I love you all! Have the best week ever! 
Love, Sister Anderson
Last night as a teenager - stopped for a train
The Big 2-0!
Birthday package from home!
It was Caleb's birthday as well!
Got a new CD from home
Had a great birthday! Thanks for everyone's birthday wishes!
Exchanges/lunchtime with Sister Fredrickson
Exchanges with the other Helena Sisters
Good bye cabin...
Off to our next place to stay
Helena Montana!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Could be Several Hours to a Week...

Hello hello!
This week has been great as usual! We had MLC on Wednesday and it was SO GOOD. We talked about a lot of things. The spirit is always so strong. It was a very revelatory experience for everyone. I love being a part of the Montana Billings Mission. Best mission in the world! :)

We also had a zone training this week and our zone leader challenged us all to give out 5 Book of Mormons this week. That day we did exchanges with some sisters and we were pumped and ready to take on the challenge! For this exchange it was Sister Moore and I.  I don't know my way around here much at we got SO lost. A lot. Luckily we have a gps thing on our iPads, which is SUCH a blessing! But even with that we were back and forth across town a lot and still so lost.  But as we went about going to appointments and tracting around we were able to give out 5 Book of Mormons that day and we found a new investigator! I could feel the spirit letting me know that we are doing what we needed to be doing. The spirit guided us to exactly where we needed to be at each point of the day.

I've really been trying to see everyone as God sees them. It's easier to see our members and the other missionaries and the people that we are already working with like that, but to see EVERYONE like that. Even those that really don't like us or want to talk to us. "Every soul is great in the sight of God". There was a guy in the area book named "Thomas the Guitar guy" and neither of us knew who he was, so we went by to meet him and he was pretty interesting! He told us all about the bible for like 20 minutes. We probably got 10 words in. Then once he was going back inside his house we asked him if he knew anyone that could use an uplifting message. Then he turned around really fast and said, "oh You need an uplifting message? I've got an uplifting message!" Then he jumped off his stairs onto the grass, gets out in the sunlight, gets really calm for a second...and proceeded to basically teach us the law of chastity. It was a pretty interesting experience. Haha the whole time though I was really trying to see him as God does. Trying to think and praying to know if there was anything that we could do to help him to come unto Christ, and the only thing that was coming to my mind was to give him a pass along card and tell him to watch the Hallelujah video online.  So I did and we left pretty quick. But we left knowing that we fulfilled our purpose and did all that God needed us to do for His Son at that time. We've met quite a few people this week and I have really felt God helping me to see them as he does.

I know that he answers our prayers. Prayer is powerful! Also Michelle, a recent convert as of a couple weeks ago, is facing a lot of opposition. Satan is working SUPER hard on her, so if you could keep her in your prayers that would be great!

Random moments.
- Sometimes people answer the door with no clothes on...
- We went to see if one of our investigators was home and someone
else answered the door and said that she wasn't home. We asked when
she might be back..he said, "She went to the dmv. She could've gotten
lost. Could take several hours to a week." Several hours to a week..?
Hahahaa we had a good laugh about that one.
- We still haven't seen any bears or anything...yet.

I love you all! Have the best week ever :)
Sister Anderson

Driving to our cabin in the woods
We got some snow this week!
My thoughts on more snow...
JK snow is fine =)
Deer selfie!
Riding with Sister Pearson
Funny sign out tracting. I yelled, but no answer
The Sisters of Helena at a birthday celebration for Sister Jacoby and I
Popcorn popping!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Back in Montana!

Hello! Hello!
This week has been such a great week! Super crazy, but really good! It was pretty sad saying goodbye to Sheridan, but I'll go back and visit sometime. So.. I'm in Helena Montana now! I love it a lot, a lot, a lot! It's such a great place to be serving the Lord. It's so much fun to be with Sister Pearson again too. I can't believe it's coming up on a year since I've met her. I feel like I've known her all of my life! It's crazy how many amazing people that you meet on a mission. The people here are definitely different from the people in Sheridan. Haha but I love 'em.

The other night was pretty cool! We were out trying to contact some people that the ward council had asked us to go and visit and we were able to meet with a young mom and her 10 year old daughter. She's so awesome! We were able to share the hallelujah video her. Such a powerful video! We talked about how we can each find new life through Jesus Christ and she started tearing up. I felt the spirit so strong as we testified of the atonement. I know that the atonement is real. A couple days ago I was studying from the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 28. Such a great chapter! I love all of it, but at the very end, verse 32 is what really stood out to me. It says, "Wo be unto the Gentiles, saith the Lord God of Hosts! For notwithstanding I shall lengthen out mine arm unto them from day to day, they will deny me; nevertheless, I will be merciful unto them, saith the Lord God, if they will repent and come unto me; for mine arm is lengthened out all the day long, saith the Lord God of Hosts." It's so true for all of us! God loves us so much! Even when we deny him, we sin, we do things that we know we shouldn't. His arm is lengthened out still. He still wants us to repent and come unto him. He will never stop reaching out to help us. I love what elder Holland said, "Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever." Can't say it any better than that! Keep on keepin on! I hope you all have the best week ever!
Sister Anderson

Funny/random stuffffff - I got here on Wednesday and the first place we go, we got out of the car and I was talking on the phone and this guy came walking by and started telling Sister Pearson all about this great pizza or beer that he got, then he did the funniest dance move and just kept on walking! Hahaha the first person I meet in Helena. - A 2 year old spit cracker all over Sister Pearson in a lesson! Hahaha - We got a referral to a house only because they had Utah license plates. - Met a guy that looked like he was 300% from Harry Potter. At first he wasn't wearing a shirt, then he said, "hold on, let me go put on a robe!" Then he came back in his robe, then he 312% looked like he was from Harry Potter. - OH! We live in a cabin way up in the mountains!! I love it! Some members are snow birds so they live in St George for the winter and come back here in the summer, so we get to live in their cabin till they come back in a couple weeks! They say that bears come around here pretty often..and the sisters before us saw a cougar..but we haven't seen anything yet. we probably will be fine ;)

The awesome Johnson family! Sheridan Ward mission leader
The Eylers
Work out at the high school track
We survived the wind!
Goodbye Sister Bell!
Leaving Sheridan with Sister Smith
A Sheridan goodbye sunset
Welcome to Helena! 
Our cabin home
Sister Pearson!
A random bear
Montana sky
Oh deer!