Monday, July 11, 2016

Lauren Got Baptized!!!!!

Aw this week has been too good!! I'm pretty sure this is the busiest I've been my whole mission. I love it here!

Monday - 4th of July! Nobody really wanted to talk to us this evening.. with it being the 4th of July and all, but then we went and were with some members till 10:15ish and had some yummy food and watched them set off fireworks! So much fun. We were SO tired.

Tuesday - exchanges with Sister Brooks! That day is all a blur to me right now, but it was a good day I remember that!

Wednesday - district meeting. Always good. This time it was pretty much all how to help Sister Pearson and I resolve one of our investigators concerns (George- the one with all the questions) it was super helpful! Then we met with him that night and it was a good lesson! He's still got many questions, especially now that we've taught the plan of salvation, but he'll get it. :) keep him in your prayers!

Thursday - tried to do weekly planning. Had lots of lessons! We had an awesome lesson with one of the recent converts in 5th ward! She really doesn't understand a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she basically has a concern with feeling the Holy Ghost. I don't know how to explain it, but this lesson we know she 100% felt the spirit! We were teaching tithing and it was such a powerful lesson as the spirit bore witness to her of the truthfulness of the message that we were sharing. It wasn't in what we said that brought her to tears, it was the spirit that she felt. She felt it!!! I just love being a missionary.

Friday - trip to Dillon for exchanges with Sister Shupe! We saw so many miracles and Sister Shupe got her first door slammed in her face! We were super duper thirsty and there was a gas station down Main Street so we decided to do some street contacting as we walked down there. Street contacting can be a very awkward thing haha but it's so fun! There are many many awkward moments as a missionary. But we met the nicest guy that just moved here from Salt Lake! And also talked with some people in the gas station. Simply opening your mouth brings blessings and miracles. Even when it's awkward.

Saturday - Lauren's baptism! Aw best day ever!! She was so happy :) and so were we! Everything went perfect! Her family came too and seemed to be very touched by the whole thing. The spirit was SO strong the entire time.

Sunday - we were pretty nervous when it was 9:05 and Lauren still wasn't at church! Haha but we texted her and she said 5 more minutes. So we ended up doing the confirmation after the sacrament instead of before. It all worked out and went great. After church we went to some people that we were asked to go visit from our ward councils. The first person was Roxanne, but she didn't actually live there, so we talked with the guy there and he wasn't interested, but we gave him our number. Then later on in the day we got a call and text from the guy! And he told us he knew where Roxanne was! So we went back later to where he thought she lived and it wasn't her but it was a different less active!! So that was cool! I'm sure there were many other miracles, but I can't think of any right now.

The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on the earth today. I know it with all I've got! Read the Book of Mormon! It will bring so much peace and happiness into your life. I know it has for me :)

I love you all a whole bunch! :) Have the best week ever!
Sister Anderson

Lauren!!  =)
I got your 4th of July package Mom!  =)
Fireworks with some members
With Sister Shupe in Dillon
Dominic and Alexis Blake! They always sneak up on us when we are
saying a prayer before we get out of our car. (A less actives kids)
Sister Pearson was really proud of this photo
With a little kitty cat
Funny sign
Funny door
Beautiful scenery
Our refrigerator

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