Monday, July 20, 2015


Boy oh boy I've got some news! It has been a pretty looong week
because we have been waiting to hear if we will be transferred or not!
So yesterday we got the call from the zone leader and I had sister
Stacey go first haha and he said that she was being transferred to
Shelby.. So then I was so scared/sad/I don't even know what I was
thinking except for the fact that sister Stacey was leaving me! And
then he told me what mine was... and Guess what... IM GOING TO BE
TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY!! Oh my goodness sakes I'm still in my own
training for another transfer though so I don't even know how that
works! I guess I'll just train myself. I don't know I'm
so stinkin nervous! And excited though! Oh man I don't even know her
name yet but, I already love her! Keep her in your prayers! Haha I go
to get her in Helena on Thursday! :)
So that's exciting!
We got called a few different things this week haha my personal
favorite was when we were called false prophets :) haha people are
Nothing too crazy happened this week, but we did get in contact with a
few less actives! Now we are gonna start meeting with them every
week which IS A MIRACLE really! We hopefully have a couple of new
investigators! So that's exciting too!
We didn't have any investigators at church this week, that was a bit
of a bummer. But we will get them next week! We've been having some
less actives be back at church lately and they are so awesome!
Goodness the gospel is just SO great!
The P is being randomly out of town and sometimes half of them or just
one of them is there so it is hard to teach something and need to
still teach it to the others too when they get back, but they are
still progressing slowly and on track for their baptisms coming up!
They have come so far! It is so amazing to watch as the gospel changes
people's lives.
I don't have much more to say, but I just love being a missionary and
talking to everybody! It seems like just about everyone we talk to has
lived these crazy hard lives. I have really realized how blessed that
I am to have grown up in the church with active members all around me.
It makes such a difference!
I am still having the time of my life here! I'm so happy that I didn't
get transferred out of this area because the people here are THE BEST!
I love you all!
Love, Sister Anderson
Jessica right after receiving the news that she will be a trainer after just one month in the field =)
The Missouri River
Cool panoramic picture
Jessica’s first day after MTC just after being hit by a big rainstorm out street contacting

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