Monday, July 6, 2015

This was the Fastest Week Ever!

This was the fastest week ever! Too fast!!
We have met a lot of new people this week and have a couple of new investigators! Its so exciting when people are actually interested in what we have to say! I love it. A lot of the time they just tell us what their religion is and close the door, but in a nice way! Everybody is just so nice in Montana! Well not everybody but most! Last night we knocked on this door and the lady just let us right in and gave us apples. haha We didn't know if she was a member or something? But it turns out she is just a really nice lady and likes to learn about different religions! So we got teaching and they had SO MANY questions and some of them I had no idea how to answer. Luckily I am not the teacher and the spirit work wonders!  As long as I have done my part the Lord will do the rest and I just need to have faith and open my mouth :)

This week we met the new mission president! They had half of the mission meet them in Billings on Thursday and the other half meet them in Helena on Friday.  So we went to Helena again on Friday and it was great! Nobody hit any deer this time so that was good :) Him and his wife are great and so nice! I love them already! President Mecham has had the whole mission praying for them since April, so once they got here it felt so right. They have such amazing testimonies and are going to bring so much to this mission! While we were there the assistants did a role play thing and we learned all about asking inspired questions. As we did all of this and as they bore their testimonies I have never felt the spirit so strong. You know how people say the spirit was so strong that you could have sliced it with a knife or how it was just tangible? Well it was like that but more! I don't know how to explain it, but I love it when soo many missionaries get together. The spirit is just so strong! Sister Granados was there and it was great to see her again :) Oh and after this we all got to take individual pictures with President and Sister Wadsworth. So I did that, but right after the picture I just walked away. I was suppose to give them a hug and a handshake goodbye! Then sister Adair said "are you going to say bye?!" haha so I quickly turned around and gave them a hug and a handshake goodbye! I guess president looked pretty confused while I was walking away. ha.. but it's okay! We all laughed about it! haha

On the 4th of July we got to be in the parade! It was so much fun! It wasn’t as hot as I thought it was going to be! Our float was a big cardboard thing of the Salt Lake temple. I'll send some pictures! We could hear people and little kids saying "look at the castle!" haha We handed out cards, pictures of the Salt Lake temple, information about Jesus Christ, and family proclamations. We had tons and tons of them and we handed out all of them! Some people would say no every now and then, but it was great! Then we got to stay out until 10:30 to watch fireworks! We needed to be with a member or an investigator, so we went with 'D'! I love that lady. It was so much fun! I guess here you can light off any kind of firework that you want until midnight and that is what everyone was doing! Everywhere you would look there would be big fireworks going off! We wheeled D up to the top of this hill kinda and we watched all of the fireworks going off everywhere! So fun!
Also on the 4th I had never been so full in my life.. For lunch most of our zone all went to café rio and then two hours later our members fed us all of this yummy BBQ stuff and the best homemade oreo ice cream! And then we tracted into a members home and she gave us some cupcakes.. Oh man... Me and Sister Stacey were going to explode! I was full till dinner the next day! Which was nice since the next day was fast Sunday haha ;)

The 'P' family, I don't know if I already mentioned this, but the mom and the 19 year old daughter are on date. They are still so awesome! They have read all the way to Jacob now in the Book of Mormon and they are learning so much! The other day the mother asked if they needed to read all of the Book of Mormon before they could be baptized haha we said they don't have to, but they totally will! They are GOLDEN.
Everything is going so great here in Great Falls! Yesterday it was randomly 55 degrees? Don't know where that came from and it was raining the weirdest rain! It was like a strong mist.  It felt like the tingling you get when your arm falls asleep you know? haha I love love love it here!
Love, Sister Anderson

With the new mission President: President & Sister Wadsworth
With Sister Granados
Mom put hundreds of these stars in Jessica's care package which ended up on the floor of their car =)
Ya got us mom!
More care package contents...
Happy 4th of July!
The missionary float for the July 4th parade

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