Monday, September 14, 2015


Aloha Friends and Family!
Sister Wong says that whenever people give talks and stuff at church they say aloha and the whole congregation says it back! I'm going to Hawaii. For reals. It's been an interesting week! On Monday we met this lady and she is so sweet! She is going to be baptized next month :) We were meeting with this less active and talking about the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong! Then her daughter came in and I asked her how she was doing...(yeah I shouldn't have) the spirit left SO fast. Turns out she just beat up a woman! She went on and on swearing up a storm about how some woman got mad at her for leaving her dog in the car for more than 20 minutes and I guess the woman pushed her a bit or something so then she grabbed her head and banged it against the hood of the car! And then she just left her on the ground!! Then she asked what I would have done in that situation...hahahaha I don't even remember what I said.. I know I wouldn't have thrown her head on my car!

Oh and we met this cutest family and the kid wanted to get us a drink, haha he goes "you want some tea?" We said we don't drink that. "You want some coffee?" We said we don't drink that either. "Then what do you drink?!" Hahaha and we met with them the next day and had this other interesting lesson. So we are teaching the restoration right? We showed them a video and the son who is about 9 started crying and the spirit was so strong! And I was just so excited! Then the children went wild! The 9 year old kept leaving to "release some gas" and the other children were just laughing their heads off and the mom was like one of the children just laughing and wrestling down her children.  Sister Wong and I were just trying to smile and do anything to bring the spirit back and their attention! We were exhausted after that lesson! Haha We also have this other investigator, B, and she is awesome! We are trying to figure out if she is a member or not haha cause she doesn't know.. She has had an interesting past, but she is on meds now so she is thinking straight and stuff and she is pretty sure that she was excommunicated? So yeah I'll keep you posted on that one but she is just so cute! The other day she said she wanted to make a t-shirt and advertise for us! Hahaha she's a keeper.

Ah! And there are squirrels everywhere! So squirrels usually run away from you right? Well we saw this one the other day and it was coming after us! I didn't even know what to do! Oh and also there was a dog and he was going to eat us the other day! But luckily the owner came out.

We just barely got back from caving! It was SO fun! I'll try to send some pictures. Probably next week I will be able to send them, but we were crawling around in this cave and there were crystals everywhere! So fun. But then right at the end brother Bailey saw a cougar! One of our elders has a limp and brother Bailey told him to take off while they watched the cougar. Cool stuff! Haha we are all safe! No worries :) It's been a good week. I've really noticed how blessed that I have been to have grown up in the gospel surrounded by awesome family and friends. :)  
Sorry this letter is all over the place. I love you all! :)  
Love, Sister Anderson

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