Monday, September 28, 2015

The Montana Missionary Life

Hi friends and family!
This week I do believe that I walked and biked through 28 or more spider webs. It's fine, I love spiders and their webs! Yeah no. I don't know what was happening or maybe there was a spider on me and it kept making webs on me? Eh! But it's been a pretty good week! Not my favorite week, but that's okay! :) We had quite a few appointments fall through throughout the week, then on Sunday we had no scheduled appointments at all, but we set a goal to have 3 and by the end of the day we ended up having 6! That was a much needed day! :)
They painted our house! :( It's no longer pink, It's brown. It actually looks a lot nicer but now we can't call it the pink palace! Haha

For a couple of days last week we didn't have our car, so we biked everywhere and oh my goodness I didn't even realize how hilly or area is! By the end of the day we were SO exhausted. I’m use to being spiritually exhausted you know? But not physically too! Haha so I am extra grateful to have a car now, but I love biking too! Oh so the other day we were going to contact this investigator and it was probably about 8:50 at night, but she had a bunch of lights on, so we knocked...waited a bit...then we saw her hall light turn off...then her living room light turn off...then she knocked back to us! Hahaha We didn't know what to do! What are you suppose to do when someone knocks back at you?! Haha then she started looking at us through the blinds and we just waved at her. She says, "who is it?" And we told her "the sister missionaries!" :) then she opened the door haha it was so funny.  I still don't see what the point of knocking back was haha

We met with W this week and turns out he just got married on Tuesday! Haha yeah we don't know where that one came from! We had an awesome lesson with him and we asked him what his next step was and he said to take the sacrament and meet with the bishop! Ah we are so excited for him! Oh! And after the closing prayer he was just sitting there and he says, "I just realized I have a testimony. Thank you for that." Ah! Even our super pregnant member that comes with us wanted to do a couple back flips after that one. He's great. On Saturday we were out contacting a less active and a former investigator that lived across the street from them and I have been trying his house since forever and he has NEVER been home, but when we got in our car about to leave, someone came walking out of the house! So we hurried and got out and it was him! So we got an appointment made and all that jazz and invited him the potluck that was later that day and it was awesome! His name is G.

The general women's broadcast was AMAZING! I love love loved it! B came and she loved it too! We still don't know if she is a member. I don't know why it is taking so long! But before the potluck we had another potluck with the other sister Ward and it was so fun! At first we thought none of our investigators were going be able to make it, so that was a bit of a bummer, but then I saw sister Wong talking to someone and I had no idea who it was (I didn't recognize him), but it was G! Aw it was awesome.  I am so excited for general conference! It's like Christmas and the woman's broadcast was Christmas Eve! :) Good stuff good stuff!

I have been studying about Christ I have really come to know and feel of the love that He has for each of us. I have felt His love for me now in my life more than I ever have before! I know that he lives. There is such a comfort that comes from knowing that! As we accept the atonement in our lives we can feel His love for us more each day. I love this gospel SO much! I know it is true. Every time I bear testimony of it I just know it even more! In John 21:15-17 it talks about how if we love God then we should feed His sheep :) I know you all love God, so go be missionaries sharing your testimony, and feed His sheep! :) It's been a great week! :)
You're all so great! I love you all to pieces!
Sister Anderson
Out on the bikes for a beautiful sunset 
Brother Bakly photo bombing after the potluck dinner =)
After potluck with the other Sisters in the district
With the kiddies & another photo bomb =)
Emailing on P-day on the couches
The leafs are changing colors

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