Monday, September 7, 2015

Montana Missionary

Hi family and friends!
This has been a super weird week..... But still a pretty good one! So on Wednesday Sister Moyer and I drove up to Helena and she took off for the woods with her companion, then I picked up Sister Siefenua (she's from Salem too!) and we went back to Great Falls! Then she got with her companion, Sister Adair and me and sister Hodgson were just left alone. She is training a new missionary too! But she thought that we were going to be in my area all day and I thought that we were going to be in her area all I had already canceled all of my appointments that we're going to happen and so did she because that's what we were told? So...yeah! We're went around finding people and then did some tracting for a while and holy moly I have never had so many doors closed in my face and people that just did not want to listen to anything that we had to say. Towards the end we finally got talking with this one lady and she was super nice and invited us into her pretty back yard. :) So that was a good end to the long day!

The next day we were suppose to get our new companions at about 2ish so we went and did some service and chopped up some trees and went to a senior home for a while! That was interesting....haha Lots of dentures and lots of Yahtzee being played. Our new companions didn't end up getting here till about 4 because one of their tires blew out on the way and then they ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere! But then I got my new companion! Her name is Sister Wong! When I first heard her name I was thinking..oh no, what if she doesn't know any English! But no worries! She speaks English! Haha She is from Honolulu Hawaii and is the sweetest person you'll ever meet! I just love her so much! After dinner we went to meet everyone at the church because we all had a meeting 45 minutes away with the stake president. So we headed out and all of the sudden the elders car broke down on them so we had to stop at this place for a while and everything was just going wrong and we just were not suppose to go to that meeting for some reason. So we went back to our area and met with one of the daughters from the P family :) We had a great lesson with her and who knows? Maybe that is why all of the cars kept breaking down today? But as far as the P family goes satan is working super hard on this family. We are doing everything we can to keep them pumped for the gospel, but little things keep happening and it is making it so hard for them to progress! Keep praying for them!

W is still doing awesome! He said he prayed on his knees 3 times this week! He's just awesome. In our lesson we asked him who God was to him and that was easy for him to answer.  Then we asked him who he was to God. He said he'd have to think about that one. And I did to! That's a question I hadn't really thought of for myself before. Who am I to God? I really like that question! :)

Welp Great Falls is still awesome! It has been super cold and rainy here lately. I don't know how I am going to survive the winter, but I like it! We are scared to turn on the heater because it will come from the vents and that is where that terrible smell is coming from! But yeah It even hailed super hard yesterday! It was Sister Wongs first time seeing hail!
I love you all! Love,
Sister Anderson
Out in the garden
Last picture with Sister Moyer
The goodbye district breakfast.  
Jessica dropped all the bacon! But they ate it anyway =)
Her new greenie Sister Wong!
All the Sisters she went out with (currently serving on her side of the mission)
The hail storm
The hail

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