Monday, November 16, 2015

Sheridan is Awesome!

First things first. This is the last week of the transfer… so we get transfer news on Sunday. This has been the fastest transfer EVER, so fast. I really really really really hope I stay here is Sheridan! I LOVE everything about this area SO much and I love being companions with Sister Peterson. She goes home after this next transfer, so I hope we get to stay together :) Being a sister training leader I kinda have some ideas of what will happen, but ah I really love this place. I trust that my mission president is led by God in the decisions that he makes and I will be put where the Lord needs me to be.

This week has been great. We were told about an awesome scripture in Phillipians 3:2 the first three words fit our tracting experiences everyday pretty well. ;) The other day we picked a street and more than half of the houses had gates around them with probably 3 dogs barking at us and they all had a beware of dog sign out!  Ah, I'm thinking about buying some doggie treats.

But as we tracted we were led to so many people who are ready for the gospel in their lives. Many many seeds have been planted in this area and now the field is white and all ready to harvest! Before we go tracting we always pray and ask exactly what street God would like us to be on and we always see miracles! On Tuesday we met this awesome lady “L”. Well first we met her kids as they were riding around outside, then as we went to the house there was a big pit bull inside the gate around their house. But luckily the mom saw us so she came out and we started talking. She said that she was making dinner and we asked if we could help and she said yes! Then as we went in turned out she didn't really need any help, but we got to know her kids a bit and she is super interested in the gospel! We are pretty sure that Spanish is their first language and the kids are starting to learn English. Sister Peterson speaks Spanish! it was awesome. We also found a few other new investigators this week! I REALLY REALLY am hoping that I don't get transferred. I LOVE these people SO much!

We also went on exchanges with the sisters in Gillette. I was with Sister Cutler, which was kinda funny because she was my sister training leader when I was in Great Falls and now I am hers! Haha She goes home this transfer :( She is such an amazing missionary. I love going on exchanges with her! When we go on exchanges one of us stays in our area and one of us goes to their area and it is usually just for one day and we spend the night here or there and then we switch back the next day. It was so fun! We saw SO many miracles. First thing when we got into town we stopped to get gas. It was a bit of a miracle we even made it to town. We were probably running on fumes. My bad. BUT it was good! Because if we would have gotten gas anywhere else then we would have missed out on a bunch of miracles! So when we get gas as missionaries we HAVE to get the receipt, but the machine thing outside wasn't working and it wouldn't give me my receipt, so we went inside. Turns out one of our members owns the gas station and we got talking with her for a bit and one of her employees isn't a member and we got talking with her too and hopefully we'll be going to lunch with her sometime soon! Then the member also told us about her less active son in town that is married to someone who use to be taking the discussions, but the mission boundaries changed and somehow we just lost her records. So missionaries have just never been back to see her. Then right after the gas station we went to where she said their house was and we didn't exactly know which one was their house, so we just tracked the whole street and we found them and a different new investigator too! Ah. It was so cool.

Thursday was kinda crazy. On Thursday we do weekly planning. Long story short the area book app that we use for literally everything had an update and little did we know that when we updated it, it would erase everything that we had put into it since the last time that we could sync. (When we sync it puts everything into the system so we both have all of the information) Unfortunately for us.. we had just finished weekly planning. So everything that we had just spent hours planning for the entire next week was GONE. Most missionaries were planning at the church and at the church it wouldn't let you download it. We went to a member’s house and picked up their wifi and we downloaded it there, not many people in the mission had been able to download it yet I guess. So we called up the assistants and they warned the rest of the mission about it. haha Then we did a speed round of weekly planning and tried to put in the things that we could remember. We are kinda super lost without our iPads, but I love them! So yeah! We figured out that we had about 7 hours of planning on that day...That's a lot of sitting..and planning.

On Sunday we had only one set appointment and it got canceled, so we had all day to find people and tract. We generally don't tract past 6 because it is already pitch dark by then and people aren't too happy when we knock on their door. They say they are going to sleep or putting their kids to sleep, but it's like 6:30! Who does that!? Anyways. So we will usually find less actives since they know who we are and they are nicer to us, and it was such a miracle! As we prayed to know who to see and where to be the spirit lead us exactly where to go! We went from having no lessons planned to having 8 lessons that night! Aw I love being a part of this work.

For ponderizing this week I'm doing Heleman 5:30. I love that scripture! Lately I have really noticed how quiet the Holy Ghost can be, and recognizing those promptings are so important! I'm excited to ponderize this one. :) Well I can't think of anything else that has happened this week. I love you all! Thanks again for all of your love and prayers :)
Sister Anderson
Happy Veterans Day!
Purple on purpose, with a recent convert
Looking out of their apartment, their truck is on the left
Exchanges with Sister Cutler
Dinner with the Bangerters
Photo bomb!  One of the Bangerters daughters
With a handful of "fuzzies"
Car Selfie!

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