Monday, November 23, 2015

Wyo Wyoming!

Guess what! Sister Peterson and I are staying here in Sheridan! No transfer news! Woo hoo! This week has been pretty good! We went on exchanges with the sisters in Worland which was quite a drive, but it was really pretty and snowy! And a great exchange! Sister Freeman came here to Sheridan with me and we were able to see many miracles! I love going on exchanges with all of the sisters because I learn so much from them! They are all such great missionaries and none of them got transferred either, so I still get to work so closely with them and we are even getting a couple of new ones! :)

For thanksgiving this week we are suppose to be in having dinners or serving people all day. As of right now we have 5 dinners planned. Starting at 8:30am for breakfast! I’m so excited. We are going to be SO FULL. A couple three other people have offered to feed us also, so we will see. Then the next day is what they call the Christmas stroll! They shut down Main Street and everybody comes and shops and they have a bunch of free hot chocolate, chili, hot dogs, and cookies! Which is good since the weather looks like it will be in the single digits. We are going with D's wife since he is working, so that will be fun!

Speaking of D, we are still meeting with him every week. He is still coming to church when he doesn't have work. As for becoming a member of the church, that isn't exactly on his radar, but he is slowly and surely coming to grasp the gospel more and more and I know he knows it's true. It will just take some time :)

Last night was cool! We went to visit with a less active and she kinda had some connections with both of my grandpas! She grew up in Germany, close to Frankfurt, and I told her about grandpa B serving around there, and ya know I tried to remember the things grandpa B taught me how to say in German. haha Then once she moved from Germany she moved to Star Valley Wyoming where grandpa A lived! She said she knew a lot of Anderson’s and she is 90 so they were around the same age! We are pretty good friends now that we have all of these connections. haha

A couple weeks back we were going to contact one of our former investigators and she wasn't home. But there was a guy out blowing the leaves and I really felt like God had placed him in our path for a reason. However I just kept walking and the feeling kept coming stronger and stronger! Then I told my companion, the guy seemed busy and the leaf blower was super loud, but we figured better safe than sorry, right? So we got talking with him and turns out he has actually met with missionaries in the past and we set up a time and met with him this last Monday and the lesson was great! We invited him to pray about Joseph Smith and the restoration and when we did he sat right up, set down his coffee, and started praying! He gave a beautiful childlike prayer and the Spirit was so strong. After he prayed he said, "I feel a warmth in my heart". I've never had someone get an answer to their prayer right in front of me like that before!  We were able to meet with him again this week and taught the plan of salvation and he again prayed right on the spot and got that same warm feeling as he did before. It was such an amazing experience and testimony builder for me that prayer really does work and everyone can turn to God to find answers to their prayers and He will answer them.

For ponderizing this week, since it's Thanksgiving and all, I'm doing D&C 59:7 "thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all thy doings". Short and sweet! Don't really have to do much memorizing with it, but just having gratitude in our hearts and minds throughout the week and really throughout our lives helps us through anything we are going through. "Count your many blessings name them one by one...and it will surprise you what the Lord has done" It's so true! I love you all! Thank you for your prayers :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Sister Anderson
Dirty truck from all the driving
With Sister Freeman
A composed district
Ok not so well composed now =)
First snow in Sheridan
Wild turkeys - Happy Thanksgiving!
Beautiful sunrise over Sheridan
Matching Sisters
When they show up early for district meetings they eat mandarin oranges
Tonights moon

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