Monday, April 18, 2016

Could be Several Hours to a Week...

Hello hello!
This week has been great as usual! We had MLC on Wednesday and it was SO GOOD. We talked about a lot of things. The spirit is always so strong. It was a very revelatory experience for everyone. I love being a part of the Montana Billings Mission. Best mission in the world! :)

We also had a zone training this week and our zone leader challenged us all to give out 5 Book of Mormons this week. That day we did exchanges with some sisters and we were pumped and ready to take on the challenge! For this exchange it was Sister Moore and I.  I don't know my way around here much at we got SO lost. A lot. Luckily we have a gps thing on our iPads, which is SUCH a blessing! But even with that we were back and forth across town a lot and still so lost.  But as we went about going to appointments and tracting around we were able to give out 5 Book of Mormons that day and we found a new investigator! I could feel the spirit letting me know that we are doing what we needed to be doing. The spirit guided us to exactly where we needed to be at each point of the day.

I've really been trying to see everyone as God sees them. It's easier to see our members and the other missionaries and the people that we are already working with like that, but to see EVERYONE like that. Even those that really don't like us or want to talk to us. "Every soul is great in the sight of God". There was a guy in the area book named "Thomas the Guitar guy" and neither of us knew who he was, so we went by to meet him and he was pretty interesting! He told us all about the bible for like 20 minutes. We probably got 10 words in. Then once he was going back inside his house we asked him if he knew anyone that could use an uplifting message. Then he turned around really fast and said, "oh You need an uplifting message? I've got an uplifting message!" Then he jumped off his stairs onto the grass, gets out in the sunlight, gets really calm for a second...and proceeded to basically teach us the law of chastity. It was a pretty interesting experience. Haha the whole time though I was really trying to see him as God does. Trying to think and praying to know if there was anything that we could do to help him to come unto Christ, and the only thing that was coming to my mind was to give him a pass along card and tell him to watch the Hallelujah video online.  So I did and we left pretty quick. But we left knowing that we fulfilled our purpose and did all that God needed us to do for His Son at that time. We've met quite a few people this week and I have really felt God helping me to see them as he does.

I know that he answers our prayers. Prayer is powerful! Also Michelle, a recent convert as of a couple weeks ago, is facing a lot of opposition. Satan is working SUPER hard on her, so if you could keep her in your prayers that would be great!

Random moments.
- Sometimes people answer the door with no clothes on...
- We went to see if one of our investigators was home and someone
else answered the door and said that she wasn't home. We asked when
she might be back..he said, "She went to the dmv. She could've gotten
lost. Could take several hours to a week." Several hours to a week..?
Hahahaa we had a good laugh about that one.
- We still haven't seen any bears or anything...yet.

I love you all! Have the best week ever :)
Sister Anderson

Driving to our cabin in the woods
We got some snow this week!
My thoughts on more snow...
JK snow is fine =)
Deer selfie!
Riding with Sister Pearson
Funny sign out tracting. I yelled, but no answer
The Sisters of Helena at a birthday celebration for Sister Jacoby and I
Popcorn popping!

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