Monday, June 27, 2016

Wherefore Can Ye Doubt?

This week has been great!! I just love being a missionary. I’ve said this before, but this is by far the best decision I've ever made! :) I've been so blessed with amazing companions and areas to serve. Speaking of that we got our transfer news yesterday! Sister Pearson and I are both staying!! Wahoo! She is the longest companion I've had, and will ever have on my mission! I love her and Helena so much :) It's going to be an awesome transfer!

The cotton is flying, which is making me sneeze like grandpa B. But things are still going great in the 1st and 5th wards! :) I love all of the people here. Lauren is still on fire and ready to be baptized on July 9th. We had a bit of a freak out because we thought she wasn't living in our ward boundaries for a second, but it's all good! She does :) Brian is still learning a bunch and is going to come to church again this week! Dan is still camping. He says he likes to go camping for weeks on end and live in the wild with nothing but a gun, so we haven't seen him for a while. Hopefully he'll come home soon. we are starting to work with a few new people, so we are looking forward to this coming week! :) We also went to a gospel sing this week! Just a bunch of different religions come and sing songs! Our zone sang count your many blessings. It was a good time :)

I went to Butte this week on an exchange with Sister Smith! Not many people seem to have the best things to say about Butte, yes it is a different town, yes not many people wear shirts, and yes the missionaries there have to stay in on St Patrick's day, but I loved it!! We had another one of those "golden missionary minutes" we had about 5 minutes left of the night and we were going to contact a family, but once we got there literally their house was gone. Haha once upon a time it was a trailer in a trailer park, but now there is nothing left. So we talked with some of their neighbors and as we were walking back to our car we were coming up to a house that I'd noticed earlier. They had a creepy creaking gate that was wide open, and the first time we walked past it I thought it seemed a little creepy and had no desire to enter that gate, but as we were walking past it again I felt more and more prompted to go and knock on the door. I told Sister Smith and we went and tried it. It was a cute young family. We were able to share a quick message with her and she was open to us coming back! That seems to be how it goes sometimes, we feel a little bit iffy about the situation, then the Holy Ghost says, "come on, let's go!", and when we chose to go we see miracles happen!

This week I was reading in 1 Nephi chapter 4. In this chapter Laman and Lemuel are being...Laman and Lemuel... And they are doubting that they will be able to get the plates. Nephi starts talking to them about how they have seen many miracles and they just saw an angel! So he asks, "wherefore can ye doubt?"  This question has been on repeat in my mind for the last couple of days now. I love this question! It can be pretty easy to doubt. I find myself doubting sometimes a prompting of the spirit, or my own ability to do something the Lord asks. But when I think of this story and the question, "wherefore can ye doubt?", I think about the miracles that I have seen in my life and in the lives of others, the times that I've felt the spirit witness of truth, and the testimony that I have of the gospel, then ask myself that question again, "where can ye doubt?". It's such a powerful question! I have seen miracles. I do know God is real, that He loves me, and that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to this world for each of His children. I know that I have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life multiple times. How can I doubt? President Uchtdorf taught to "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" I invite you to do the same! :) I love this gospel and I love learning more about it each
day and sharing it with others!

I love you all so much! And I'm so excited for the 4th of July! I don't know why, but that is one of my favorite holidays! Have the best week ever!

Love, Sister Anderson

With Sister Smith in Butte
Lady of the Rockies statue of Mary on top of a mountain in Butte
Reading the Book of Mormon to Colonel Sanders!

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