Monday, August 22, 2016

Lunch With an Apostle!

Oh my goodness. Best week of my life!!!!!! I don't even know where to begin... I honestly can't even put into words how great this week has been!! I wish I could type out every second of everyday for you, but I'll try to give a brief summary. Just ask me about it when I get home someday.

We've had 11 meetings this week haha 12 if you count lunch with Elder Christofferson as a meeting. We had MLC this week!! This one was one of my favorites for sure. Be an active participant in meetings. The purpose of any meeting in the church is to become more like Christ. Because I was prepared before hand and was ready to receive revelation during and act on it after made all the difference and I got SO much out of it! We had zone training on Friday. President and Sister Wadsworth decided to show up at our zone training this time. ha. So of course I was super nervous for my discussion, but it was actually really cool to have them there.

Friday evening there was a YSA meeting with Elder Christofferson, Elder Sorez, and Elder Evensen and we got to go since Nick is a YSA and he wanted to go! So that was awesome. Elder Christofferson did a bit of a Q&A which was great and it wasn't all about getting married,
so that was awesome! They talked quite a bit about happiness. They are all really funny! Elder Evenson said, "we teach the plan of happiness. If we don't look happy no one is going to believe us!" So true!! If it's a plan of happiness we should find the happiness in it. "Be not afraid, only believe."

Saturday morning we went to the stake president’s home and got stuff ready for the lunch, then went to the missionary meeting with Elder Christofferson, Elder Sorez, and Elder Evenson. Ah I wish I had more time to write about it! But it was amazing! The spirit was so strong. He did another Q/A and talked about some amazing things. I'll maybe write more about it next week.
THEN WE HAD LUNCH WITH ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON!!!!!!!! So I'll list off all of the amazing people that attended this lunch at the stake president’s home.
- Billings temple president and wife the Ghetts
- President and sister Wadsworth
- Stake president Bingham (future apostle) and wife
- Elder sorez of the 70
- Elder Evenson an area 70
- The assistants and zone leaders
- Elder Christofferson!!!!

Ah!!!! Elder Christofferson sat at the head of our table and I just felt like I was in a dream the whole time. He asked us about where we were from and all of the other usual questions. He has been to Salem before! He talked about Salem pond. Also he talked about how the day before he came he was assigning mission calls! No big deal. Aw it was amazing. This weekend has honestly changed my life in so many ways :) I will never forget the way that I've felt the spirit testifying to me that these men are called of God. I know that Elder Christofferson is an
apostle of the Lord.

Funny quotes from the week:
"The great thing about being a member of the 12 is you can be 70 and still be young!" - Elder Christofferson

"Any questions? Where are the 3 nephites? I don't know! They don't write...they don't call.." - Elder Christofferson

"I'm still trying to learn the English idioms. Like today I learned 'off the hook'. I had to think about it for a second, but I got it!" -
Elder Sorez

"I have to go into work." "Why?" " she hit a bear." "Is she okay?" "She's pregnant, but she's okay."

"I took a class in high school and learned that if you don't have stress, then you're dead." - Sister Brooks

Ps. We didn't get to get a picture with elder Christofferson...biggest regret of my life.

I love you all! Have the best week ever!!
Sister Anderson

Right after lunch with Elder Christopherson =)
This weeks exchanges
Sister Hodgson!
Funny President =)
Sister training leaders of the mission
Train tour of Helena

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