Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Cold

This past week has been great! And this week is going to be packed full with greatness!! Tomorrow is MLC
Wednesday - going on an exchange
Thursday - weekly planning...nothing too crazy.
Friday - zone training and possibly exchanges
Saturday - missionary meeting with Elder Christofferson!! And our stake president invited us and the zone leaders over to lunch after at his house with Elder Christofferson!! Ah! I'm super nervous, but SO EXCITED!!! It’s gonna be a good one.

Said adios to Sister Pearson and I'm with Sister Linney now!! She's from Orinda, California and also is a redhead in other words, it's going to be a really good transfer!! ;)

Yesterday we had some crazy good miracles. Brian and Victoria and Sam all came to church yesterday! It was the best thing ever. I don't know if I've talked about Sam yet.. She's SO awesome. The elders tracted into their family a month or so back and the husband was just baptized a couple weeks ago and now Sam wants to be baptized and her husband is going to baptized her! It's going to be so cool. They've been really prepared :) And then in sacrament I look over at the door and Sister Cutler was there! (My STL forever ago) so that was a fun surprise. THEN we found out that one of our members 17 year old son decided that he wants to be baptized and serve a mission in a year!! Needless to say there are a lot of miracles happening here in Helena :) I love serving here!

- so I have had this cold for the past few days and everyone keeps saying, "sounds like you've got a summer cold huh?" Like EVERYONE. I've never heard it referred to that haha
- our brand new tire on our jeep got sliced open as we were driving down a dirt road
- Just walked into the gym at the church ready for some zone sports and president Wadsworth is here!

Have a great week! I love you all :)
Sister Anderson

The trio
The Knudson's
With Lauren!
Cruze showing us the latest peace sign =)
A random horse
After a long planning session
Our slashed tire

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