Monday, September 19, 2016

If you want to make Heavenly Father laugh, tell Him about your plans

SO many great things happened this week! Especially on Saturday! Oh my goodness best day EVER.
But first, we got transfer news!! You know how I was so sure I was leaving? Well I don't know what's going on, but God has better plans! I love it! We're both staying!!!!! Wahoo! I LOVE HELENA!!!! I'm never leaving.

Saturday!! Aw it was just all so good! So we actually went to two baptisms on Saturday. One was for one of the girls that I taught when I was in 5th ward, Taylor! she is the daughter of a recent convert. Her mom gave the talk on baptism and did so good! You would never know she was baptized 3 months ago. There was also two other people getting baptized with her, a mom and her son! The spirit was incredibly strong the entire time. Especially when the mom was baptized. You could tell she was SO ready. Her spirit had been waiting for that day!

Then that evening was Victoria's baptism!! Aw she's amazing. We were texting her throughout the week and things and she is so funny! She was super nervous about a lot of things and thought for sure the elder baptizing her was going to drop her haha but she makes little jokes out of everything to "lighten up the mood" and it's so funny. Love her. Everything went great! There was a great turn out from the ward. She's so excited to be a part of the ward family.  Her sister from the U.K. And her boyfriend were there too and it was SO cool to see how they are being prepared as well! The elders got talking with the boyfriend and turns out he had met missionaries a lot when he lived in Italy! He asked, "so how can you know if it's true?" Ha great question right?! So they set him up with the gospel library app and stuff in Italian. Technology is great. I know they had to have felt the spirit that night.

Also yesterday another miracle happened! Remember Kim? Maybe? She was a random referral we got a while back and she was solid, but lately we've not been able to set up a good time to meet and different things have kept coming up, but yesterday! She texted us asking, "how do you get baptized into the church?" Ha another great question!! After we replied and different things we asked her why and this was her reply, "because I have been reading through the Book of Mormon and I really wanted to become Mormon, so I wanted to know how. I was told you get baptized" hahaha yes!! And she has 5 kids as well! We are so excited. This transfer is going to be another one for the books!!

Right now we're watching 17 miracles! Such a good movie.  I hope you all know that I know God lives and He will never leave us alone. He knows us so perfectly and His love is always there.  I was reading in Alma 27 today! There are a few questions asked by Ammon that I love to ask myself. One of them is in verse 7 "I will go and inquire of the Lord, and if he say unto us, go down unto our brethren, will ye go?"
If the lord asks you to do something hard, or something your not very comfortable with, will you do it? Also going with having real intent. When you're praying and asking God about something, are you willing to accept and act on the answer? I've thought about this, and especially with watching 17 miracles, I've seen so many examples in my life of people that have chosen "the harder right, rather than the easier wrong". I know God is in control and He does know what is best for us. When we trust Him, He will guide, help, and protect us as we do what He asks. I love this true gospel :)

I love you all!  Have the best week yet!
Sister Anderson

Taylor's baptism
Victoria! =)
Kim's text messages
Love it!
Annabelle is a missionary!
Cool door we came across tracting
Me trying to do a cool jumping picture =)
My new favorite quote!

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