Monday, September 26, 2016

It's Like the Super Bowl!

This week is going to be crazy good!  Sorry this is going to be about the shortest email ever....
Things are still going great in Helena!  Remember that guy that was like, "hey sisters!" Well we've been working with his daughter and she wants to be baptized! She's 11 and I think I mentioned before that she is hilarious. This week we were talking about getting the gospel library app when she says, "I don't know if my iPhone gets the apps of Jesus" hahaha we love her.

We were also led to find another less active / part member family!  We also met with the Austin’s and we explained General conference, then Sam says, "oh fun! It's like the super bowl!" Haha

We are SO EXCITED for the super bowl!!!! Aka GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! Sister Linney and I are hoping they announce that Sister missionaries can stay out for two years! ;)  Also the women's conference was AMAZING. Those who didn't watch it should.

Well I love you all to the moon and back!  Have the best week ever and don't forget to come prepared for CONFERENCE with questions and listening with the spirit. :)
Sister Anderson
Brandy had her baby! Only a week old and look at all that hair!
Its Fall time!  Leaves a falling
Sister Linney getting eaten by dogs at the Wrights home =)
Annabelle is the funniest dog ever!
Sam the bearded dragon and I

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