Monday, September 12, 2016

Onoodor Said Odor Bailaa!

Victoria is so solid!! Keep her in her prayers. :) We are so excited for her baptism on Saturday!
Transfer news is coming up on Sunday... I hope I stay. But I'm pretty positive I won't. So we'll see! We also have interviews with President on Wednesday! I'm hoping he'll tell me transfer news then. I just want to know!! There's snow in the mountains and also there is a bear wandering around where we live, so that's exciting!

I went on an exchange this week with a Sister from Mongolia! Onoodor said odor bailaa means it's been a good day. She's super cute. Everywhere we went if there was a bush or tree with anything edible on it she would eat it. haha I tried a couple of the random berry looking things and they were alright. Really chalky.

One of the miracles from this week! So "Hey Sisters" has easily become one of my favorite things to hear because that usually means they know quite a bit about the church or it's a member that is happy to see you. The other day we were walking down the street and a guy came walking out of his house and he said, "hey Sisters!"  We didn't know of any members around the area, so RED FLAG! He practically asked for us to come over and talk with him. Turns out he's a less active member and has 3 daughters that are most likely not baptized! We are meeting with him in a couple days!

Welp I still love being a missionary. There is never a dull moment in missionary work. Sister Linney and I are laughing like all of the time. I wish I could remember any of the things that we laugh about, but I can't. Oh well. Life is good. This gospel is true!

I love you all! Have the best week yet!

Sister Anderson
Sister Sanjaa from Mongolia
Exchanges with Sisters Adamson & Bons
Someones yard
Taking pictures of the local deer
Our bedroom
I went to Great Falls this week!
Pictures in the woods
iPad fun
Beautiful Montana sunset

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  1. if possible have a visit to india ...specially himachal pradesh in India