Monday, November 14, 2016

You Can Pray For the World

Everything's still fine and dandy here in Columbia Falls / Whitefish! We've seen many many miracles this week. God continues to lead us to where we need to be, and keeps the wild animals away. It is not uncommon to see a bear or a mt lion here. There was one in the church parking lot the other day. I hope we get to see one! From a safe distance. Anyways, yes miracles! We found 8 new investigators this week! When we told our ward mission leader about all the people we've been meeting he about passed out. He's a funny guy and tells everyone about us like we are these all star missionaries. We've just been getting out there and working! I guess the missionaries before us didn't do much work.

The other night we went to what we thought was a less active's home, but we soon realized that she had moved. We got talking with this lady though and she said that she has been looking for a church to join lately, but hasn't found one yet! We're excited to start working with her. While in that same area we saw that there was a member near by and thought we should stop by.  We thought they were active, but when she came to the door she treated us much more like a less active would. Turns out she is a less active member and her 15 year old son had just gone to jail the day before and she hadn't seen missionaries for a while so she was surprised to see us and told us we could come back! When we came back she told us all about how she wants to work towards going to the temple and get back in the habit of reading her scriptures daily, going to church, and praying! Then her neighbor came over (not a member) and said that she has been wanting a blessing and feels like she really needs some direction in her life right now, so we talked with her about the gospel and she wants to come to church! Then the members active parents showed up! It was not a coincidence that we were there at that time. :)

Also this week we received a text saying, "I can't get ahold of the bishop" from a random number. We ended up setting up a time to come by and meet her. When we did we found out she is member, moved here in February and hasn't been to church since she got here. She has four kids and one of them is 10 and not baptized, so hopefully the dad will give us the "okay" and we can start teaching her the lessons so she can be baptized! The mom and daughters came to church on Sunday and actually already have some friends in the ward! I love serving here!

We are also working with a Trini and Gwen! (Not sure if I already mentioned them or not) but they have been taking the lessons for probably 10 years. They are buds with my mission President and his wife. Our assignment from president is to get them baptized. no pressure. Also Trini reports to President on how we do in our lessons haha they are more active than most members here...not sure exactly what is keeping them from being baptized right now, but keep them in your prayers!

Earlier in the week I was thinking about confidence and thinking about being more confident in my abilities and different things, then I was just scanning through preach my gospel and read the sentence, "Remember that your confidence and faith should be in Christ, not in yourself" and that has stuck with me all throughout the week and brought me so much happiness and peace ever since. We can and should, choose to put our confidence and faith in Christ. When we do we feel of His presence more in our lives and it becomes easier for us to trust in Him and His guidance. "Men are that they might have joy!" Even with the trials that happen in life we can have joy when we put our faith and confidence in the Lord.

Hope you all have the best week ever!
Sister Anderson

Ps. We met some upset people the day after the election. We asked one lady of there was anything we could for her and she said we could pray for the world.

Prettiest area in the mission!
One huge dog!
But very friendly
The Miller's sent me the cutest package!


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