Monday, November 7, 2016

So Let it Begin! Columbia Falls + Whitefish

I don't know where to begin! This week has been so crazy, and so great! I'm in Columbia Falls now! I should've been counting how many times people have told us they are excited to have us here. It would be a big number. Also being doubled in just means that both of us are new to the area. It use to be covered by elders, but they took the elders out and put us in! We also cover Whitefish! We are right next to glacier park, so hopefully we'll get to go there sometime. The mountains next to us are huge and so close! Kinda like Utah! I'm not use to being so close to big mountains anymore, it's great!

Wednesday was transfers, so Sister Wong came to take my place and Sister Christensen and I needed to wait until Thursday to get our new companions, so we spent the day in Helena together! We were asked to sing at a funeral that day, we sang I am a child of God. It was amazing how many people came. I would guess the majority of them were not members. It was a cool experience. We also got to visit with Victoria and the Johnson family. I already miss the people there, but I'm loving the new people here as well. We've already met SO many great people. I love it here! There isn't really a teaching pool here at the moment, so we get to do A LOT of finding! It's great! The members have been giving us many many referrals so we are excited to see what happens within the next few weeks. We know we will see many miracles here :)

I'm doing this thing called My Plan since it's my last transfer and it has me study different things sometimes and this week it asked me to study my patriarchal blessing. To circle the words that describe me and to underline the actions that I should take. It's been a really neat experience for me! I love my patriarchal blessing :) it really is like our own Liahona in life to help guide us home to Heavenly Father. If you haven't read yours for a while I invite you to do so! :)

Random stuff
  • There is the first Chick Fil A in Montana opening in less than two weeks! I'm so excited.
  • A quote while still with Sister Linney, "Oh my goodness, two red heads in one place! Too bad I'm so old." *wink  - old man at senior living place.
  • We knocked on a door and when the people answered they let us right in and turns out they were having a dinner party with a bunch of friends! It was very interesting. They told us about how they are all pretty spiritual people and one of them might have been a preacher. He went off for a while about Jesus Christ and we shared some scriptures from the Book of Mormon about Christ and then the preacher man asked if he could pray for us and we love praying so why not! So he said a prayer for us and it really very interesting, but also awesome! All except one seemed to really enjoy us being there.

Have a top notch week!
I love you all :)
Sister Anderson

Family portrait after Jacob's farewell with me!
Me with the fam dropping Jacob off at the MTC =)

Saying Goodbye to Helena :(
Saying goodbye to Victoria and Bently
The Lintners!
The Knudsens! She gave me the cutest angel

Sister Livingston!

The Johnson's

The cutest Austin children all dressed up

Sister Miller gave us the cutest halloween gifts

Sister Linney and Sister Wong doing a great job at getting her suitcase upstairs =)

Annabelle and the Millers! They are the best!

Sister Wong and I and Elder Fleming

Sister Wong!

Sister Linney, Wong, Christensen and me


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