Monday, June 8, 2015

Last Letter from the MTC

Hello Hello!
I dont even know where to start! I cant believe that it has already been 12 days! I feel like I have been here for 5 hours! I love it here SO much! If they wanted me to stay another week I wouldnt even mind! haha Just kidding. I am So SUPER excited to get to Montana! I leave to the airport at 5:30am tomorrow morning! The MTC is just the greatest place ever though. I love when we have devotionals and all of the missionaries get up and sing! You can just feel the spirit SO strong. it's the best. So for the devotional on Tuesday Elder Christoferson (not sure how to spell that) came! We sang and it was so pretty He gave a great talk just answering questions that missionaries usually have and I learned a lot! He even talked a little about Elder Perry. He said that Elder Perry would call the 5 youngest of the 12 brotheren the 5 little boys. and whenever they had a job they needed someone to take care of he would say "give it to the 5 little boys! they'll take care it!" haha I didn't even know that he passed away. But we all got special permission to watch the funeral so that was cool! 

This week has just gone by so fast I dont even remember anything that has happened!
But I'm doing great! I LOVE my companion and my district! We are all pretty different, but we all get along so well and are probably laughing 80% of the day. All of the sisters in my Zone are going to Montana so i will still get to maybe see them a bit  throughout my mission, but all of the Elders are going to Tampa Florida! It's going to be so sad saying goodbye to them tonight.  We have all gotten so close and I feel like I have known them all of my life! Which is weird cause we've only known each other for 12 days, but we are really like one big family and i love it! I just love 'em. So our zone had 16 people in it last week ( 8 people in each district) this week we have had 18 people in our zones ( 2 extra elders), so we have just had 2 districts in our zone but this Wednesday all of the high schoolers start coming in more and they are adding 4 districts in our zone, which is adding 47 people to the zone and there is 12 people in each district! which I think is crazy and I dont know if I could handle that many people! I think I hit the MTC at the perfect time haha The new missionaries that we got this week are great! It's weird that I am in the "old" missionary/departing missionary group now. And it is so crazy how much that I have learned here. They call us the "12 day miracles"! haha 

We haven't found any more spiders in our food, so that's cool.  The food is getting real old real fast, it's fine. 
Oh for sunday dinner we have potatoes and carrots and meat of some sort so its kinda just like home! but not nearly as good.. but close enough! We just got back from the temple and it was so great! I love that place.  Also on sunday we always go on a sunday walk up by the temple, which is so fun and we take probably 253 pictures everytime we go, but its so fun! Sunday's are for sure my favorite day of the week.  And this Sunday was fast sunday so in sacrament our whole district got up to bare our testimonies and the spirit was so strong. It has been so cool to watch everyone change so much in these 12 days together.  Our testimonies have grown so much and we have learned SO much. When I first got here and saw how much time I was going to spend just sitting in a chair and learning and going to devotionals I thought that it was going to be the longest 12 days of my life! which the first 3 days were like 5 months long.. but the rest have gone by SO fast. 
Everything is going great here! I love it I love it I love it! 

My investigator asked to see some of my family pictures and the only ones that I had with me were their school pictures! and if you haven't seen Jacob's school picture then you need to.. SO I just pulled them out not really thinking and she just laughed and laughed and then she said that he looks just like me. then I didn't know what to think about that. but it was funny!

Last night we watched meet the mormons and they asked me to say the opening prayer in front of all of everybody which was kinda scary, but it went fine haha I thought for sure I would trip coming down the stairs or something, but I didn't! so that's good news.  I love that meet the mormons, but once the missionary on it was saying goodbye to his family and they were all crying and stuff, that wasn't cool, cause it made me think of saying bye to all of you guys and same with all of the other missionaries in there. everyone just started looking around and had tear in their eyes, and then we all kinda started laughing cause it was kinda funny at the same time haha  
Welp i can't think of anything else to say! I try to write these as fast as I can so hopefully it makes sense.   
I love you all! thank you for all of the Dear elder stuff and packages! I don't really have any time to write letter back, but ill try.
I love ya I love ya I love ya! 

Sister Anderson

A walk to the temple
Hi everybody!  From the MTC district

A little craziness before leaving the MTC

At the train station waiting to catch the front runner to the SLC airport.  Wow that sun was bright!

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