Monday, June 22, 2015

So this Week Has Been Great!

We have gotten to know SO many people and have some really awesome investigators! Two of them have a baptismal date now! So cool.
I don't think I will be using any full names and stuff just for people's privacy and such. So one of our investigators that we met with, 'D', is so awesome! She has just started meeting with the missionaries a couple of months ago and love love loves the missionaries! Well the sister ones.. haha she's like 50ish and love loves giraffes (I think I mentioned that last week) she’s in a wheelchair because she only has half of her right leg.  Anyways! She is great! We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ the other day and how we need to have faith and repent and how those principles lead/prepare us for baptism, then we showed her the video of Christ being baptized and asked her why it was important for Christ to be baptized. Then we just saw on her face that it clicked! She realized that Christ was baptized to show that ALL of us need to be baptized, and that she too needs to be baptized! It was so cool to see that click in her mind as she understood it for herself. She says that she is not ready yet, but she has never thought about baptism so much in her life before. Also that she has been having dreams about being baptized! We meet with her again today so that will be fun.

We also met with the 'P' family. They have been taking the lessons for a couple months now too and have really noticed the difference that it has made in their lives as they have been learning from the missionaries. They have had a pretty hard life and are going through a lot right now. Last Monday is when we really got to know them for the first time. They are really nice to teach because they know that when we come over we talk for a couple minutes, but then they know that we are there to teach them and they are ready to learn! Usually people like to talk and talk all about everything and it can be hard to keep them focused, but they are great. I can’t exactly remember what we taught that day, but we invited them to be baptized and set a date for them! They still have a ways to go, but now that they have this goal in mind it has really been pushing them more to do the things that we ask them :) So that's exciting!

Our ward is amazing and everyone we go to have dinner with always says something about how we can come over whenever we need to, and to tell them if we ever need food or anything that we can just let them know! They are so involved with missionary work its great!
On Thursday we went to Helena for a Mission Leadership Training which is like an hour and a half away. It was with a few other zones, and was also the last time that we got to see President Mecham and his wife since we get a new President in a couple of weeks. We learned a lot and had some yummy food. We also split into our zones and Sister Stacy and I led the discussion for that and we taught about the pamphlets and inspired questions and did some role plays, it went great! Then President and Sister Mecham said their final testimonies to us and we took our pictures with them and everybody cried and it was sad. But we are also really excited to meet the new Mission President and his wife.

Our ward does a pot luck thing every month and it’s so fun!  We had it on Friday, yet right before that, we ate a big dinner with a member who had this a taco bar.  I couldn't just not eat! There was yummy deserts and stuff, so we were VERY full after that. And the 'P' family came! And same with a few of our other investigators and even a new one we didn't know about! It was great!
Oh and on our way home from Helena we noticed a little deer on the side of the freeway about to walk out as we drove by and then we looked back at the elders driving behind us and the deer walked out and they hit it!! Hitting deer in this mission is a pretty regular thing, but it is still never good! They were okay though, the deer died and it messed up the car’s hood pretty good. But it was exciting! haha
Also there is a surplus of squirrels and bunnies here. They are everywhere!

I don't really know what else to tell ya about.  Umm I use a knife to cut my meat, I'm real careful when I am opening up ranch, the "pink palace" I believe has some mold or something growing in it because it smells real bad.
When we go tracting everyone is really nice and respects what we are doing, most of them say they already have their religion which is usually catholic or something.  There is a church on probably every corner around here.
Um um um I think that's all for this week!
Thanks for all of your prayers! I can really notice them helping me every day :)
Love, Sister Anderson
With her trainer Sister Stacey
Her first zone
Ok now do something crazy!


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  2. Keep up the great work you are doing Jessica! You are awesome!

  3. Thanks Gary. Just to let you know that Jessica doesn't read these. I know her name is on as a contributor but that was me using her computer. She would love to hear from you. Her address is: 107 19th Street N. Great Falls, Montana 59403. not sure on that zip code, she didn't give me one and there are 5 for that city. I just guessed on which one it was =) will likely get to her anyway. thanks Gary