Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Letter from Uncle Ken

Hello Sister Anderson,
I don't usually write to missionaries, but I figure this is good practice for writing to Katelyn later on.  It was good to see the pictures of you on the Frontrunner.  I hope all is going well for you in Montana.  It's good to get up there during the most beautiful time of the year.  But I guess that could be any time of the year, especially if you think snow is beautiful.  Thanks for setting a good example for Katelyn and all your younger siblings and cousins.  They all look up to you.  I've enjoyed your letters.  They certainly are inspirational and uplifting.  Looking forward to hearing of your adventures in the mission field.
Love, Uncle Ken
Jessica's reply:  Hello Kenny! it's good to here from you! 
I've been with sister Hodgson a lot! So that's cool! She and I are in the same district now!
I gotta go, but thanks for writing me!
Love, Jaja 
Jessica's aunt & uncle Ken & Carolyn Beutler are good friends with Sister Hodgson's parents in Sacramento.  Sister Hodgson went into the MTC the same day as Jessica, both going to Montana.  Small world out there.

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