Monday, June 29, 2015

Hi, Hi, Hi!

I've already been a missionary for a whole month?! This is going by way too fast. It seems like it is just Monday and then it's already Sunday again!
This week has been so great! I don't even know what all to tell you guys cause so much happens everyday.
On Thursday we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders and I got to go to Helena for a bit! I was with Sister Cutler, she is an amazing missionary. We got to go to a baptism, my first baptism I've been to on my mission! haha I love to watch their face as they come out of the water.That might sound weird, but they just look so happy! It reminds me of how I felt at my own baptism :)
It has been So HOT lately! It has been near 100 for the past few days! Tracting has been deadly haha but also it has been good for tracting because people feel bad for us and they offer us water and stuff so it is easier to get talking with them!
On the 4th of July all of our zone is going to be in the parade! haha. It is going to be so very hot, but I am excited! I don't know if we get to watch fireworks or not yet. It doesn't get dark until like 10:30, but I hope we do! I heard that last year they could if they watched them with an investigator, so I hope that it is the same! I don't know why but I love the 4th of July! (that's a rhyme) It will be different to not be in Richfield, But this place kinda looks like Richfield so that works! :) Oh and for dinner that day one of our members makes homemade ice cream! That'll be good.
On Friday our whole zone got to be a part of the youth conference! It was the coolest thing ever! We were at these indoor fair grounds and all of the youth were up on the bleachers and all of us missionaries were behind the curtains where they couldn't see us. So first Captain Moroni came and rode around on his horse, then he got up on this thing in the middle and said the title of liberty and waved the flag around and said "whose with me!" and all the youth (500 youth/5 combined stakes) got super into it. Then they had all of the youth come down and separate into their different stakes, they all got shields and a sword and then it was war! All of them went and fought each other, and once they got hit 5 times then they would lay down dead. Once everyone was dead then they started playing the Army of Helaman song and all of us missionaries came out from behind the curtains singing that song. Then the youth that were going to be seniors next school year took off their shirts and underneath they had a white shirt on with a 'future missionary' tag on it. And us missionaries went around while we were singing this song and we helped up all of the 'future missionaries' and we all gathered around in the middle around captain Moroni and finished singing the song. It was such a cool thing to be a part of :)
The 'P' family is doing great! The last time we were with them we talked about the what and the why with temples and the spirit was so strong. They have recently lost their dad so letting them know that they can be with their dad/husband again, forever was so comforting for them :) The daughter even started to cry a bit. I love love love this gospel and sharing it with others! It is so amazing to watch people as they apply the gospel to their lives and to see the many blessings that come from it.  
Being a missionary is the BEST!!
Love, Sister Anderson
Jumping for joy!
 Last zone picture with President & Sister Mecham
The Sisters of the Zone, and what a good looking group!
These rabbits are everywhere!  Jacob would love it here =)

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