Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi Friends and Family! :)

Good week good week!                                      
So first of all! Transfer news!  Sister Moyer is leaving me...... She is going to a town in the middle
of the woods in Mizulla. I am staying in Great Falls and I'm going to be training another new missionary!! Haha I'm so excited! I'm going to miss sister Moyer so much though! But that's exciting. Second off I found out that sisters in this mission gain 40 pounds on average. So that's cool. I've already gained at least 5 pounds. Also people say that Great Falls is where you gain all the weight. So all odds are against me. It's fine. Third off there is an overload of zucchinis here! It's in literally everything. We've had zucchini bread, zucchini cake, zucchini and gray rice stuff, straight up zucchini.  Even the chocolate cake at the ward pot luck had zucchini in it! People say "make sure you lock your car or else you'll come back to your car and there will be 5 bags of zucchini in it!" Hahaha Fourth of all we locked our keys in the house again. We really need to make a spare. Fifth of all I sleep talk all night long and sleep walk? Sister Moyer said I went out side the other night... And she didn't come after me! Sixth of all last night we got so scared for like two minutes! Haha it was like 10:15 at night and all of the sudden our doorbell rang?..... I thought it was gonna be some creepy person because people have talked about druggies going to people's houses at night… (don't worry that would never happen to missionaries ;)) So Sister Moyer and I were just looking at each other not knowing what to do. haha So we just slowly crept up to the door and I looked out the window and it was just our neighbor bringing us some brownies! Hahaha she's so nice! Seventh of all everyone says words funny here. Like instead of saying bag they say baig or instead of flag they say flaig haha

Eighth of all W is doing SO good!! Just a month ago he had no belief in God and was never going to pray or read the scriptures or ever come to church and now he is doing all of it! The other day he was having a bad day, and guess what he did....HE READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!! And we saw him out walking one day and he said hi to us and he is just so happy now! :) Man the church is so true people! Also the P family is.....I don't know.... Two of the daughters are pretty solid. Keep them in your prayers! :)

Welp being a missionary is seriously the best EVER! I don't think 18 months is enough time. I love this gospel and the more I preach it the more I know it is true. CPR ( that's all you need!
I love you all!  Love, Sister Anderson
The choir that sang for Elder Martino of the 70
Her district
Country roads
working at the star wars car wash =)
Night seflie

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