Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Was So Good! So Good!!

I think my favorite talk was President Uchtdorf's. He is awesome and said everything that I needed to hear! The gospel is so simple! :) I love it!

It snowed on Saturday! I loved it! It was so cold though. Sister Wong was so funny. Haha she was SO cold and so funny about things that she didn't know about cold winter weather. You would think people would have more sympathy for us and let us in their houses, but no. One guy goes, "what are you doing out in this weather?!" And we laughed and talked for like two seconds and he says, "yeah, not interested" and slammed the door! Hahaha people.

We had a lesson with one of our investigators and he has been meeting with missionaries for more than a year and is so solid and is just like a member! He's like an active non-member. He is living with one of our recent converts though and they won't get married, so he can't get baptized! We brought 2 members with us, the husband use to be the bishop and he's awesome. During the lesson he just laid down the line and basically told them that they need to be married tomorrow and baptized the next day. It was great. It didn't happen. But we are meeting with him today, so we will see how he's doing and what the wedding plans are! ;)

I don't have too much time to write, but it has been a great week! We met a guy that use to be Elder Oaks's executive secretary or something like that! He isn't a member and Elder Oaks use to always invite him over to his house to have dinner with the missionaries and stuff! He is a pastor for a church somewhere and basically told us that we worship the wrong people and will be destroyed one day.... but he was really nice! :)

Oh and I loved the ponderize talk! So good. Sister Wong and I are going to ponderize each week together! Haha this week we are doing Helaman 5:47. It's a good one! Oh and we met with the P family and we got them back on date! And G and another person, M are on date now too! We are so excited for them! :)
I hope you all have a great week! Next week is transfers.... I hope sister Wong and I stay!!
I love you all! :)
Sister Anderson
All bundled up for tracting =)
The snow broke a tree limb
Beautiful fall scenery
Jessica's smile after a visit to the dentist =)
Cute little Montana gift shop
Watching general conference at the Allen's house
Making spoon rings at brother Bailey's shop
Our spoon rings

Dairy Queen P-Day
The pink palace (no longer pink) and SNOW!
A members pet iguana
Best district ever!

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