Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl & Trains

This week has been great! We still have been seeing so many miracles. We did exchanges with the Worland sisters. I was with Sister Parsons! She is a great missionary. I always learn so much from the sisters.

Something kinda funny. We are suppose to be home by 9 or 9:30 at the latest. But last night we got home at 10:15. All because of a train! We were headed home for the night and there was a train between us and our apartment. It was soooooo long. SO the train went for a minute or so and still didn't reach the end. Then it slowed down and stopped. And it went the other direction. And then it stopped again. And went to other direction. We waited in front of this train for a solid 40 minutes! We thought we were going to have to sleep in our truck, but we called Brother Johnson (our ward mission leader) who told us there was a way around the train. It was pretty funny. I would try to relate it to the gospel but I don't have time, so there's your homework!

One of my favorite miracles from this week would probably be when we were teaching one of our investigators, Ryan. He has been doing so awesome and keeping every commitment. We did know that he had a word of wisdom problem though. This week we taught him the word of wisdom and at the beginning of the lesson he just said, "good luck ever getting me to live the word of wisdom!" But as we taught we really trusted and listened to the spirit. We asked him if he knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he said he didn't doubt it. Then we asked him if he believed the Book of Mormon was true. He thought about it for a while, debated back and forth with himself, and came to the conclusion that he did know that the Book of Mormon was true. We then explained that if the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, then going onto the fact that he received revelation from God - the word of wisdom. He understood it all very well! Then at the end he said that he will try to live the word of wisdom! He also said that today he had his last cigarette! It was amazing to see him have a change of heart as he felt the spirit in that lesson. I know that we can do nothing without the spirit and I am learning more and more everyday how I can better rely on it and trust God as I go forth. I think that this is the thing that I have been learning the most on my mission so far. To trust God.

Sorry I don't have much time! And my emails are getting shorter and shorter. But I love you all!! Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Sister Anderson

Also the Super Bowl made it really hard to be productive. EVERYONE was

watching the Super Bowl.
With the Worland WY Sisters Van Ausdale & Parsons
Van Ausdale goes home this Saturday!
That darn train!
A cool temple that the Ranchester branch is making out of names they take to the temple
Scary chicken that tried to eat us =)
Funny car wash
Black and gold this week
Delivering cookies
Local deer
Feels so weird to wear pants!  
Yeah we're bad
Our broken mirror

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