Monday, February 15, 2016

Transfer News! Valentine's Day! President's Day!

Transfer News! Sister Bell and I are being sent to.... The Alaska Anchorage Mission to be the new assistants! Just kidding, we are staying in Sheridan! I LOVE Sheridan!! So after this transfer I will have been here for 6 months! That's half a year! And 1/3 of my mission! Crazy. I wouldn't mind serving here for the rest of my mission.

This week has been SO good. We did have one of our investigators on date drop us. That was sad. Sometimes we wonder what more we could have done for him, but we can only do so much and it is up to them whether or not they will accept it and let it change them.

We also did exchanges with the Burlington sisters this week. I was with Sister Dayes! She is also from Arizona and she's awesome.  We had a great lesson with Sierra. Keep her in your prayers. We did a whole bunch of tracting and met quite a few people that weren't super happy to see us :) but it was nice weather! So that was good.

This last transfer has been so great! I wish I could just tell you all about all of the miracles that have been happening everyday. It's been incredible!

We are still working with Brandy! Brandy is the mother of a family of 3 children. We have been seeing lots of miracles with her. Lots! This week her husband should be joining in on the lessons, so everyone pray for Brandy, her husband Danny, and her kids Cindy, Waylan, and Devin, that they will be able to progress and be baptized this transfer. we are so excited for them!

We also met this guy named Donte and he is so funny and awesome and he came to church yesterday! We gave him the Book of Mormon last Saturday and he is already almost done with Alma!

This week I have really been able to see that God is SO aware of each of his children. He wants all of us to be happy and return to live with Him! He's given us the Book of Mormon, prophet's, commandments, prayer and so much more just to bless us and help us to be happy! :) We went to 3 sacrament meetings yesterday and in all of them we learned a bit about the plan of salvation.    There's a quote that I really like from President Henry B. Eyring that said, "Heavenly Father has made each of us unique. No two of us have exactly the same experiences. No two families are alike. … Yet a loving Heavenly Father has set the same path to happiness for all of His children. Whatever our personal characteristics or whatever will be our experiences, there is but one plan of happiness. That plan is to follow all the commandments of God.” It's so true!

Missionary work is great! Sheridan is great! Life is great! The work is great! You all are great!

I love you all! Love, Sister Anderson
Exchanges with Sisters Huerta & Dayes
The last District meeting
Valentines Day care package from home
Jacob's Valentines present that he made
Teaching a Moose
Enchilada stacks for dinner.  So good!!
We were starving at the church, the elders brought us food. Was actually really good!
Really warm day =)
Funny sign =)
Out in a rain & wind storm
Donte has a dog named "winkle boy" and he sheds a lot!

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