Monday, March 7, 2016

Bless the Pirate Food

This week has been so great! Yesterday at dinner one of the kids said the blessing on the food and said, "bless the pirate food" haha he's a pirate fan. We got a free caramel apple today! We are going to Worland tomorrow for a zone conference! I lost my wallet..but then I found it! Then I lost it again...but I found it! We gave out 18 copies of the Book of Mormon this week! That's probably a record for me. Its light until 6ish! We contacted half of our 50+ referrals! Life is good.

Yesterday one of our investigators came to church and he bore his testimony! He hasn't been to any church in 4 years, then he shows up and bares his testimony! He's pretty awesome. I knew just as we walked in that he was going to want to. He was so nervous, but he did awesome and bore a solid simple testimony. We also had some of the family that we have been teaching come as well! They fit right in with a couple kids falling asleep and a teenager doodling on some paper. Haha the mom is still solid and is looking forward to being baptized. She has prayed about it and she feels she should be baptized in May...which is a long time with how prepared that she is and I might be transferred by then...but hey! Maybe by that time the whole family will be ready to be baptized and they can all be baptized together! That would be awesome! We went on exchanges with Lovell and Worland this week. We saw many, many miracles! I love getting to learn so much from all of the sisters.

Every week I notice more and more how aware that God is of each of his children. A while back we got a referral from one of our members and we somehow forgot about them or they just didn't really get into the system, but we found it and went to try them this week! Turns out this family just found out that their dad has cancer and they have gone all over the country to different treatment places and no one can treat it. They let us right in and as we met with them I could feel God’s love for this family so strong and I just wanted so badly for them to know and understand that everything was going to be okay. To know that they can be a family forever and know how much that God loves them and how aware that he is of them. I know that as they begin to learn more and exercise faith in Christ that they will see of the happiness that the gospel brings. I'm excited to visit with them again!

Yesterday as I bore my testimony in church I was really unsure about what to say, which is normal..but this time I was SUPER unsure, but I knew that I needed to get up. A while back we had a world wide broadcast that said, "always keep Christ's name on your lips" and "when you don't know what to say, testify of Christ".  So that is exactly what I did and I could feel the spirit strongly as I did so. I love this work! I love Sheridan! We are seeing more and more miracles every day and I am so grateful to be here. Being a missionary is the BEST! 
I love you all! Love, Sister Anderson

Our caramel apple =)
Exchanges with Sisters Meek & Ranger
Exchanges with Sisters Wagstaff & Parsons
Brother Hendersons flower on his tree that he had to show us
 Fun stuff
Turkeys in town

Car wash selfie's
Colors were pink, orange, and yellow this week
More selfies
Give me a high 25!  =)

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