Monday, March 28, 2016

Itchick Ano Waba!

This week has been so super packed with many awesome miracles. I'll do my best to remember everything.  I'll give ya a day by day.. So this might be kinda long..

Monday- did our emailing in one of our members therapy rooms. She has a magic cloud thing! We are there again today :) she's awesome.  Not much else exciting happened this day. We scared some people pretty bad! It happens a lot actually. Especially people that live in the middle of nowhere because they are really not expecting anyone to be knocking on their door. haha If they're watching tv they'll usually jump and then just stare at the door for a second, then they'll get up. Or if they are walking around their house when we knock they will usually freeze in place and stare at the door, then some call for someone else to get the door or they'll just slowly come to the door. Then once they see its us usually they're happy we are just a couple of young girls. haha Oh!  and on Monday we were going to give one of our investigators a Spanish Book of Mormon and we knew we already had one in the car, but we felt like we should get another one, so we did. We were able to give the one to our investigator, then she referred us to some of her friends that are from Puerto Rico, so we went to their house and they accepted the other Spanish Book of Mormon! It was a good day.

Tuesday - we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned one of our investigators kitchens. It looks much much better now. We had received a referral from one of our members nieces, so we went by her house today and she had a friend over and they let us right in! They are both probably my age, going to college. We were able to get to know them pretty well and shared the message of the restoration with them. The spirit was so strong as we did. I love sharing this message with everyone. Each time we share it I gain a stronger testimony of its truthfulness. Even though it is the same message that we share with everyone, each time we share it, it is so different! I don't know if that makes sense, but as we apply it to their needs and let the spirit guide, it always meets their needs in a different way. I can't explain it, but I love it!

Wednesday - in Sheridan/Montana/Ranchester SUCH A GOOD DAY! Started out with district meeting and we talked about the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon is so important. Then we ate some lunch and headed out to Wyola, Montana which is a reservation. We have been told not to go out there much by our branch, so we haven't been out there. But we got a media referral for a less active there that said he wanted to get back into the church and get to the temple! So we called them up and went out to visit them, and they are such an awesome couple! We taught them about the Book of Mormon and how it is about the natives of America and she started connecting the dots of stories she had heard as a child of a "white man" with "power" coming to the people and giving them that power as well. So cool! And they taught us some crow! Itchick ano waba means, it's a good day! It's the strangest and coolest sounding language. Then we got to visit with an investigator in Ranchester, Ryan. He has A TON of questions. Why this, why that, then why this, which it’s good to have questions. But holy cow I don't think that I've ever had someone have so many questions. Onto dinner with the awesome Welch's. Then all our appointments for the rest of the night fell through, so we got out the bikes! We biked around and met some great people! In our area book app thing when we drop someone we can tell it to remind the missionaries to stop by that person again in the future on a specific day. So the other day we got one of those reminders and we went by today to see who she was, but once we got there the lady living there told us that she had moved, but we got talking with this young mom and she let us right in. She was very kind and just started talking about how she has been wanting to have her and her daughter be baptized and she has had all of these changes in her life in the past couple years. She has really decided to let God into her life and has been seeing the miracles and blessings that have come into her life since she decided to do that. Bringing the gospel to people. It brings so much happiness I can't even begin describe it.

Thursday - weekly planning! Good stuff. Dinner with Bishop Anderson. Biking. Met a person that looked like Shawn White and gave them a Book of Mormon.

Friday - the Dayton family! Aw they're just doing so great. So last Sunday a lot of the talks were about keeping the sabbath day holy and we hadn't taught that yet, so we were a bit nervous about what they were going to think about it. But when we asked her about it she understood all of it super well! Her and the husband actually had a good conversation about it and the dedication that it would take, but it is something they know they could do. They are doing great! We ate dinner with the Schweiders and they are such a great family! Their kids are hilarious. My cheeks were starting to hurt from laughing so hard :) We met with a lot of great people today. Another family being the Korps! They always give us a big thing of cookies when we come over. haha Sister Bell doesn't eat dessert, so it's just me eating them and they are starting to pile up in our apartment, but It's great! I love cookies!

Saturday - the woman's broadcast! Soooo good. Service. Service. Service. I wish I had more time to talk about how good it was! I received many answers to my prayers.

Easter Sunday - We had a yummy turkey dinner! This day just flew by! Everyone was with family and friends, so it was hard to get in and visit with people, but we did get to visit with one of the elderly ladies in the ward who doesn't have family around and that was great. She gave us jelly beans :)

I'm SUPER excited for general conference!!  In our letter from President Wadsworth and his wife today they added this quote from President Henry B. Eyring that said, “The servants of God fast and pray to receive the message He has for them to give to those who need revelation and inspiration.” In the ensign for this month the first presidency message is called, Prophecy and Personal Revelation. It talks about how we need to "do our homework" and be ready to receive personal revelation as we listen to prophets and apostles speak. I invite you all to do your homework and be ready for conference this weekend! :) I know as you do that you will receive answers to your prayers.

I love you all! Have a great conference weekend! And don't forget to do your homework! ;)
Sister Anderson

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Easter bunnies! 
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It rained really hard on us
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