Monday, May 2, 2016

Prison Cheesecake

This week has gone by so quickly I don't know where to begin. We are continuing to see a lot of miracles here in Helena! One of our investigators made us LEGIT prison cheese cake! It was made out of Oreos, coffee creamer, Hershey, and Sprite. That's it! It was SO GOOD. I got the recipe, no worries. :) I'll make it for y'all.

So another miracle from last week that I forgot to add was Brandy and Nickole! The bishop asked us to go and see Nickole because she had just moved here, so we set that up and went over and she had a nonmember friend that is living there with her for a bit. Brandy has been through alot in her life and it is such a perfect time for her to be learning about the gospel! Last night we were with them and we were teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nickole was feeling pretty sick and as we were teaching I kept feeling like we should ask if she wanted a priesthood blessing, so once we got to the baptism part of the lesson we talked about the priesthood and we asked if she would like a priesthood blessing. And she said yes, so we texted the elders and they were there within a few minutes! After the blessing this sister felt so much better, then once the elders left, the investigator decided that she would like one too. So we quickly got the elders back and they gave her a great blessing. She was in tears after they finished and we were able to set a date for her to be baptized! The priesthood power is incredible and real.

Sorry this is a short email, but I can't wait see you on Mother's Day! I love you all!
Love, Sister Anderson

Oh ps! Brandy back in Sheridan Wyoming is getting baptized this Saturday! And president Wadsworth is going to be in town so he will interview her! Also she bore her testimony on Sunday!

Exchanges with Sisters Shupe & Ney
Exchanges with Sisters Stacey & Hallett
Exchanges with my trainer Sister Stacey!
The cool tube sandwich things I talked about last week
Its Sister Pearson's birthday today! and all our moving stuff and groceries in back
This is a bird house!
Obviously it use to be a house but now it is just a bird house! Tons
of bird poop and food and as we were walking towards it (because we
almost Tracted it) we could hear tons of birds inside!

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