Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sleep Singing and my ONE YEAR MARK

I've been a missionary for a whole year. That's crazy! I don't even know what I think about it, but it's fun to be companions with my MTC companion to celebrate it together. haha I love sister Pearson! She is so funny and always talks about dirt bikes and about trucks and I don't understand any of it, but I am learning a lot! Haha she's a ford fan so Dad and Jacob would probably like to chat with her. She's great.

This week has been good! It's been stressful here and there. Just from MLC and zone training, but I love it. Stress is good. Keeps me on my toes! Probably the thing that stressed me out the most this week was at MLC when President asked me, "are you doing okay?"  I said, "yeah!" Then he asked me again, "really though, you're doing alright?".....He asked me twice! Which got me thinking about it. I really was doing okay! :) but I thought about it for a bit after that and the more I thought about it the more stressed I got! Haha I don't know why, but I guess I just haven't been asked that for a while, so I haven't thought about it. We are so busy with our two wards and all our great sisters that there really isn't much time to think about ourselves. I love it! But I think it was good for me to think about how I am doing for a minute. Somehow it has been a humbling and comforting experience for me as I've thought about it and I've grown because of it. I know that as I stay focused and fulfill my purpose the Lord will take care of me. There's not much to worry about! :)

The real things that stress me out are my investigators. One minute they're solid and the next... But this week has been good! We met with Brian! I don't think I have talked about Brian yet. We tracted into him a couple of weeks ago. He has been blind for the past 20 years. Not sure exactly what happened, but he says it is because he only believed in God 99.9%. Now he believes 100%. Which is awesome! We need to be 100%. I've never taught a blind person, so it has been a different experience, but he is great! Very knowledgeable about the bible and is open to learning more and reading the Book of Mormon. I didn't know this, but there is a way for blind people to use the computer! It just reads everything to you that is on the screen- super fast! We couldn't even understand what it was saying because he has it on such a high speed, then he said, "aw this guy talks too slow"...what?! Haha so he'll finish the Book of Mormon in no time with it at that speed.

We met with our recent convert Jennifer and her daughter Taylor sat in! Jennifer is so awesome and totally taught the whole plan of salvation to her daughter and now she is on date to be baptized! Taylor is awesome and we are excited to keep working with her. MLC was great and the zone training went great as well. I learned a lot! Sister Pearson and I lead a discussion on faith, humility, charity, love, and the doctrine of Christ. The one that has stood out to me the most is humility. I’m trying to realize my weaknesses which is in turn helping me to be humble. Weaknesses have always made me nervous, especially when others realize my weaknesses. But I am striving to be humble and seeking guidance from the Lord to make them my strengths. Ether 12:27 has always been one of my favorite scriptures, "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

Also this week I went on exchanges with Sister Harward! She is from Orem and is a great missionary. I love being able to learn so much from all of the sisters and seeing them grow. Oh! and she knows Katelyn's companion! Crazy huh!? Small world. I also found out that I sing in my sleep, so that's new. Welp I hope you've had a great week and that this week will be even better!
I love you all :)
Love, Sister Anderson

We've been out for one Year!
At MLC with my two trainees =)
Sister Training Leaders of the MBM
With Sisters Wong and Hodgeson

All out for one year now
Love the rainbow!
Some P-day fun with the Helena Sisters
Holding a hedgehog!

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