Monday, May 9, 2016

Tracting, more Tracting, and Mothers Day!!

It was SO GOOD to talk with the family yesterday! You people just make me so happy!! Well I don't have much to say since I talked with ya yesterday, but it was a good week! With our exchanges this week I went out to our new ward that we have now. There isn't a ton going on over there at the moment, so we tracted all day! It was so awesome! That area is just oozing with potential. It's going to be a process, but we are excited to get things going there.

One person that we met is Ekikah! He's from Hawaii and has been here since December helping out his family. We first saw him when we drove by and he was out walking his dogs, then later on we saw him riding down the road on his bike, so we stopped him! He's super nice and open to learning more! He says he's been to a lot of churches in his life, we invited him to come to ours, and he said he would! So we're excited to see where that goes.

We also met a guy that really liked to talk. A lot! Couldn't totally tell where his interest level was, but I felt there was a reason that we met him. We eventually got talking about people around him and he told us about his neighbor whose wife is struggling health wise and they are trying to raise their granddaughter. He told us they could use a visit! So we went over and we really didn't need to say anything. Right away he said, "I would love to sit down and visit with you guys sometime!"  We are excited for him too. He'll probably be a bishop one day. :)

It's been a good week :) Being a missionary is the best! Itchick ano waba
Sister Anderson

PS: Brandy Dayton got baptized in Sheridan on Saturday!!!! Aw I'm so happy for her!!!! And another lady we tracted into there that had her records removed got baptized yesterday!! Good things are happening in the Montana Billings mission :)

Skyping with the family!
Exchanges with Sisters Bons and Nez
Excited to talk with our families!
Exchanges with Sisters Granados and Smith
MTC buddies
After a long day of tracting
A spider outside my window!  at least it was outside...  (see if you can find it)

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