Monday, October 3, 2016


There are so many miracles happening here! I love these people so much. I love Helena! With MLC, Zone Training, a couple of exchanges, and of course General Conference! You could say this week has been pretty top notch.

This week while I was on an exchange with Sister Fronk from Temecula CA There came a point in the day when we were trying to decide if we should stay in the part of town that we were at or go to the other side of town. We had planned to go down there, but different things came up, so we wouldn't have had a lot of time to stay on that side of town if we still went, so we decided to pray. After the prayer I asked her what she felt like we should do, she felt we should go to the other side of town, so we did and a miracle happened! We ended up trying one of the part member families that we have been trying to get in contact with for a while and were able to share a quick message with them. As we did the spirit was strong and we felt we should invite her to be baptized. So we did, and we set the date of November 5th with her! They already have the goal of being sealed in the temple :) Having the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us and help us to know where God would have us be is such a blessing!

General conference was SOO good.. I don't have my notes with me, but I really loved the talk about joy! I felt the overall theme for me at least was about prayer and mostly the plan of salvation / the atonement. I have met many amazing families that have gone through some incredibly hard trials, but because they believe in the atonement of Jesus Christ and understand God’s plan of happiness they truly do find joy everyday. I know God’s plan is for everyone and Jesus Christ does live :)

My emails are just getting shorter and shorter, but we just got flu shots so I think that is a good excuse? Haha well I love you all a whole bunch!

Love, Sister Anderson

Exchanges with Sister Fronk
View from our house
I felt like climbing this tree =)
Cool license plate
Hannah Colby did my hair during conference
Zone training 
Exchanges with Sister Harward
We were rewarded for returning a lost phone! Miracle!
Flu shots
Sister Wong!
This week
Taken a year ago
Fun times
Sister training leaders at MLC

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