Monday, October 17, 2016

"I Thought God was a Caveman and Roamed with the Dinosaurs?"

This week has been packed full with great experiences! I love being a missionary.  I got to go on exchanges with some amazing sisters this week and we also had Zone Conference! I learned SO much.

I'll start with some random things that happened this week...
- Sister Wadsworth came to a lesson with us!
- We taught a 9 year old about the plan of Salvation and he was a bit confused because he had always thought that God was a caveman and roamed with dinosaurs. That was a new one for us!
- We got a referral for a Ronald saying that he wanted a bible, so we went to his home and it was one of the more interesting experiences I've had. We knocked on the door and a lady answered and just smiled and closed the door. So we decided to try some of his neighbors and as we were talking to one of them Ronald came out of his house and over to us while we were still talking to his neighbor. Haha He waited at the sidewalk until we were done. We gave him the Bible and tried to start talking about who we were and the restoration, but we couldn't really say much because he just kept talking! He told many stories. Mostly about the glory days back when he was on the high school basketball team. He's in his 50s or 60s. Very nice guy. We invited him to church.

With both of the exchanges we went on this week I was with a couple of pretty new sisters. I love serving with new missionaries! As I went to lessons with them I saw their excitement for the work, their love for the people, and how badly they really want everyone to come unto Christ. They have forgotten about themselves and want to work so hard! That's what missions are all about. No one just happens to have a happy successful mission out of good luck. It starts with desire! If we really do desire to serve Him with all our hearts, then we will show it by being obedient and fulfilling our purpose 100%. Yes, some days are tough but most missionaries are on a mission because they've chosen to be here. There really is a difference between 'serving a mission' and 'going on a mission'. I LOVE my mission! My love for my mission hasn't been a result of God caring about me more or good luck, but I love my mission because I am committed to loving it for 18 months. It's not always easy. Some days are better than others, but I've made the choice to be here and to do all I can to help others to come unto Christ. There is nothing else that brings me so much happiness! I still have SO much to do and learn while being a missionary and I'm grateful to have a couple more months to do that :)

Have the best week ever!
Sister Anderson

Some P-Day volleyball fun with the Helena zone

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