Monday, August 10, 2015

Montana Life

Hello everybody!
Life is still awesome as a missionary here!  The only downside of this week was that we had to take 3 people off date because two of them are young and their parents said they couldn't and the other one is 22 but he respects his mom a lot and she wants him to stay catholic. But some big seeds were planted! :) However, we did put a new person on date so that's exciting!  OH! And guess what! So you remember W? Well we met with him yesterday and we brought two brethren from our Ward with us because W is single and stuff but we usually just bring one sister with us. Well anyways at first he felt like we were kinda attacking him cause we brought these two big men with us, he asked, "did you bring these two for backup?" Ha. But he loosened up after a while and the lesson was interesting but good! Then at the end he goes, "what if I told you guys I was at church today?" And we were like.. Ah what?! He just came and sat in the hall and left early so that no one saw him haha but he came!! And then guess what... He said he has been praying!! He says it is a simple prayer and he still won't pray with us, but hey! A prayer is a prayer and God just wants to hear from us! It's so exciting! I just wanted to do a couple backflips after that lesson.  But I can't.

C also came to church yesterday! Awe man C is so awesome. He has been in and out of prison for the last 10 years and has got some sad stuff going on in his life right now, but he is just filling his life with the gospel and everything he can now and you honestly would never know that he has had such a past. Every time we talk with him you can just see a change in him! When we first knocked on his door he was smiley and stuff but now he looks happy! I love seeing that change :)
The gospel can do some pretty amazing things if we let it. On another note...our apartment...the smell is getting worse. Everyday I think it changes because there is no getting use to this smell!
We're thinking it's like mold or something growing in the vents. We are going to try and see what we can do about that haha We have been going to the far end of our area lately which is out in the country life and everyone out there has at least 5 dogs! They are all behind fences which is good, but everyone knows when we are coming down the street because all of the billions of dogs start barking at us! And this one time one of the dogs started climbing the fence! Sister Moyer and I almost had 5 heart attacks because he was not a happy dog and he almost climbed all the way over!! Ah.

The sunsets here get prettier and prettier! I'll send a picture or two. And I realized that I haven't seen night time in two months! Cause it doesn't get dark here until after we go to sleep, so that's kinda weird. Oh! So we have this recent convert she's like 16ish and lives at a group home. So to meet up with her we call them and have them drop her off at the church and we just meet with her there. So that's what we did but they dropped her off before we got there so once we got there
we were looking around and went through every room in the building and couldn't find her. So we called the group home and the lady got all stressed said she was on her way to come and look for her with us. We got all stressed! Then when she got there we looked through the whole church again. If we couldn't find her within 30 minutes then she was considered a "runaway" and she would have to call the cops! So she sent us to go look at Wendy's and McDonald's and all of these
places, so we did! And then right when she was about to call the cops Mariah and all of these people came out of the high council room. She went into the addiction recovery class! The only room we didn't think to look in was the high council room.. Ha. But that's an awesome class
from what I hear, so hey I'm sure she learned something she was suppose to! Haha

Also yesterday we went to help out the mission prep class for a bit and they talked about the covenants and how we need to always be keeping our covenants. We talked about how God needs covenant keepers not covenant makers. And that really stood out to me! When we make
covenants with God that is just the beginning, we need to keep those covenants! And as we do we will be SO blessed! And who doesn't want that?! ;)
I love you all!

Love, sister Anderson
Jessica just loves spiders =) The spider is just below the left corner of the door on the white trim
One of the "Great" Falls of Great Falls Montana (Ryans dam)
With Sister Moyer & the other Sisters in her district
Panorama of the "smelly" pink palace
Cats cats cats!  

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