Monday, August 3, 2015

Great Falls!

This week has just been all over the place, but in a good way!  First off...We put 4 people on baptism date this week, 3 of them in one day! Now we have 7 people on date! We would have 8 but we had to take one off because she went to jail and she is back home now but she won't let us come and see her, so that's a struggle. But all 7 of them have A LOT of things that they need to overcome before they can be baptized, so keep them in your prayers! :)  We went and ate at Stacey's house on Wednesday! That was fun! We were like 30 or more minutes late, because we locked our car and house keys inside the house! Haha Luckily we have nice neighbors and they pried open our window and the little neighbor boy climbed in and opened up the house for us! :) Then, Stacey lives on the other side of the river, so we drove over there. The other side of the river is really nice from what I've seen! Our area is a bit sketchier. Haha yes mom, I've considered buying some pepper spray. I heard that it gets dark here at like 4:30 in the winter! So far no one has talked positively about the winters here, haha so I'm in for a treat! ;) I’m actually really excited for the winter! haha

So the other day we met with this older lady, she's really spiritual and pretty interesting haha But the first time I met her was the very first day that I got here in great falls so like a month and a half ago and she gave us a half of a block of some interesting cheese and a frozen box of milk and some Cereal. haha This time she told us that she had met some elders at the bus stop, which turned out to be our district leader and his companion and she said that she had some cheese that she wanted to give them because they looked so skinny. hahaha It was the other half of the same block of cheese that she gave to us forever ago! And it wasn't in the fridge either, so I don't know how it isn't moldy. Hahaha gross, but we are going to give it to them! There is also this lady we see all of time.  She isn't interested, but she always finds us and says hi and that we look nice and then she usually tells us about a holy blessing that she received.  The other day she told us about 7 huge raccoons that are in town and that we need to watch out for them! haha She's a nice lady. 

Yesterday we taught a guy 'W' I don't know if I have already talked about him, but he grew up LDS and has gone through some rough times and basically now doesn't believe in God or anything.  I really like meeting with him! But man sometimes he is just so stubborn! He WILL NOT pray.... Which is obviously a problem.  But he is getting somewhere! He has a "hope" is what he says. Basically the whole time that we are there all we are doing is asking him questions and it is super effective! We also showed him The Hope of God’s Light video (if you haven't seen that you should).  He really liked it and said how it was really similar to him. He also mentioned that a good old friend of his who he hadn't talked to in years called him up the other day after we met with him. God is totally reaching out for W in so many ways and HE KNOWS IT! Ugh! We were just straight up and bold with him throughout the whole time that we were there and the spirit was so strong and I know he felt it! We told him if that if he doesn't pray then he will never receive an answer and he understands that.  He says that he just can't yet and that he needs to do a bunch of service to get outside of himself first. Which is good too, so we have a bunch of people moving in and out of our Ward so it will be good to get him to those, but ugh! He will come around. :) 

The other day we were going around to some less actives houses and we went to one house looking for a woman and her brother ended up answering the door. He was the only one home and he just started talking about his life and how he's been having a pretty rough time. Then he stopped talking for a bit and he said "ya know, I don't think it's a coincidence you guys came here today." And the spirit just came so strong and we obviously agreed with him. NOTHING'S A COINCIDENCE! He went on talking about a quote that his friend told him a while ago about how God is always there and He wants to help us and that it is about time that he let Him. Then the spirit came even stronger! :)

I love love love being a missionary. I know this is where I am suppose to be and I wouldn't have it any other way :) Thank you for your prayers.  I love and pray for you all!
Love, Sister Anderson
With her mothers childhood friend Stacey
With Sister Moyer and Stacey's daughter Dakota
A fishing lure in Sister Moyer's Shoe =)
Looks like they're gaining weight!  =)

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